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Challenges for the Immigrants Coming To America in the 19th Century (Research Paper Sample)


Research Paper on My Antonia
My instructor issued topics for the class. 
The topic that I have is: What does this novel have to teach us about the struggles and successes of European immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? What has and hasn't changed for immigrants to our country today, the majority of whom now come from Asia and Latin America?
Requirements for this Research Paper: 
1. Considerable references to My Antonia with Quotes from the novel
2. At least 4 additional QUALITY sources appropriate for an academic paper, and used in depth: NO WIKIPEDIA, no iffy websites, and at least 2 of the sources must come from my schools Library database. SINCE YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO MY SCHOOLS LIBRARY DATABASE, I AM ATTACHING 2 SOURCES THAT I FELT MAY RELATE.
3. I will need 2 more sources from credible sites as mentioned above to total 4 sources, besides My Antonia which should obviously be the primary source. 
What my instructor and I discussed is maybe focusing on researching language barriers that immigrants struggle with today and compare that with how the immigrants in the novel struggled with not knowing the English language. The abstract that I will attach appears to tie in with this thought. The other struggle we discussed was how in My Antonia, the immigrants living conditions were horrible. So, I'd like to also focus on living conditions after migration and has it changed or not. 
The second abstract has to do with immigrant struggles. I'm hoping that you could identify a couple struggles, with one possibly being living conditions after migration(not included in attached abstract, I don't believe, will need additional sources for this) or a broad struggle within the attached abstract and tie that in with My Antonia.
The other 2 credible sources in which, I will need help obtaining could possible have something to do with success of today's immigrants and tie that information into My Antonia as well. 
So where comparing Immigrant struggles in My Antonia with today's immigrant struggles. I'd like to focus on language barriers and living conditions after migration. 
Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the sources. It is EXTREMELY important that I use 2 sources from my schools library database. If the sources are not helpful, please contact me and let me know what your idea is and I can gather more sources from my schools library database based on your ideas.
Thanks so much
I'd forgot to mention that my instructor also does NOT what a summery of the book, she wants it to thematically analyzed. Also Google scholar is an acceptable source that she has approved

Challenges for the Immigrants Coming To America in the 19th Century
Published in the year 1918, My Antonia is one of the masterpieces that Willa Cather brought to the readers with a twist of personal life story in a rather interesting creation. It is a novel that underlines the plight of the immigrants and their struggles, as they try to get assimilated in the new society. This is a novel that gave Cather her ticket to join the rest of the greatest female writers of her time. Mainly, the recognition came from the fact that most of the immigrants identified with the struggles, while the rest of the population wanted to know more about the historical struggles of the immigrants, with a narrative twist of the accounts. There are quite a number of elements that are dominant in the novel and among the mains ones are the language barriers and the deplorable conditions that the immigrants had to endure. This paper addresses some of the main aspects of language barriers and living conditions experienced by immigrants.
My Antonia
The novel takes the form of a memoir, in which Jim Burden, the narrator in the story, writes about a girl he met once, when he moved to Nebraska at the age of ten. Jim was requested by his friend to write about the bohemian girl they had both known when they were kids (Cather, vii). The request was in light of the fact that his friend did not know the girl as well as Jim. He had been orphaned and was moving to Nebraska to go and live with his grandparents. On the ride to his grandparents’ home in Nebraska, he meets with a bohemian family that is moving in to the country from bohemia. They later on also happen to be neighbors to the grandparents. In the novel the family of the immigrants is called the Shimerdas and their struggles depict experiences by most of the immigrants.
The first incidence where the language barrier elements come up is when the conductor is talking to a group in which Jim is seated, telling them about a family from bohemia. According to the conductor, the family came from across the water and they had a problem communicating in English.
Once when he sat down to chat, he told us that in the immigrant car ahead there was a family from across the water" whose destination was the same as ours."They can't any of them speak English, except one little girl, and all she can say is "We go Black Hawk, Nebraska.' She's not much olderthan you, twelve or thirteen, maybe, and she's as bright as a new dollar. Don't you want to go ahead and see her, Jimmy? She's got the pretty brown eyes, too!" (Cather, 6)
The bohemian family had first bought land on which they were to settle.They had bought land from Peter Krajiek one of the countrymen, for which they had been charged more than the land was worth (Cather, 17). The land deal had been organized by one of their cousins, while the interpreter at the time was Peter Krajiek. Since they did not have much knowledge of the language, Krajiek took advantage of the situation and sold them land at higher price. They would not have understood that they have been duped. At the same time, they did not have the language skills to negotiate for a better deal. As such, their language barrier cost them a fortune, while the countryman made away with their hard earned money.According to Jim’s grandmother, Krajiek took advantage of the fact that the bohemians did not understand English and even sold then a cook stove that was worth less than ten dollars at around twenty dollars (Cather, 18). Otto, one of the characters also points out that the bohemian family was also sold some two bony horses and oxen at an exorbitant price.
“The Bohemian family, grandmother told me as we drove along, had bought the homestead of a fellow-countryman, Peter Krajiek, and had paid him more than it ...
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