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Theme Analysis Identify What The Author Wants To Communicate (Research Paper Sample)


Pick 3 themes and discuss them using text examples and analysis to explain how they were discussed in the literature. Use 3 works to discuss each theme. And for each theme please write 2 paragraphs(one paragraph includes 2 works and the other paragraph include 1 work. )
work pdfs and outline will be uploaded


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Theme Analysis
The analysis of themes is one of the essential elements in literature. It allows a reader to get a better understanding of the author’s point of view. Reading a certain work requires a careful analysis of themes to identify what the author wants to communicate. This essay will examine the theme of chance, diversity and loneliness in different novels.
Theme 1: chance
The theme of chance appears in City of Glass through the changes in the character of Daniel Quinn’s identity. Quinn is a man who lives without a target and goals in life. He is depressed because of the loss of his wife and son. Although it has been five years since the loss, Quinn has not managed to overcome the issue (Auster 7). However, Quinn suddenly gets a chance to change his identity and his whole life. Quinn receives a phone call that requires him to undertake a mission. “Is this Paul Auster?” asked the voice. “I would like to speak to Mr. Auster.” (Auster 10). The caller thinks that Quinn is Paul Auster, detective and Quinn pretends to be the detective and arranges to meet with the caller. The story demonstrates the theme of chance by indicating how Quinn manages to get a wrong call that lands him in an investigative mission. The call gives him a chance to break out of his problems. As he concentrates on the case, Quinn no longer thinks about his deceased wife and son.
In The Day the Boy Fell From the Sky, Wendel Jamieson, demonstrate the theme of change through Barbara Lewnes. At 22 years, Lwenes wanted to become a singer. “She had been on the radio and had sung ''at every hospital and church and school function that ever was'' in Jersey City, her hometown” (Jamieson 1). However, Lewnes did not pursue nursing after high school. After graduating from high school, Lewnes followed a friend to a nursing school where she accepted to join nursing and abandoned her passion for music.
Additionally, the theme of change also occurs in The Grid. At the beginning of the story, Moody introduces the readers to the happenings of some New Yorkers and how their kisses lead them to various destinations. The story begins with a romantic scene where young lovers are about to kiss for the first time (Moody 29). The narrator tries to figure out how the kiss will take place. “Do I pull her to me gently? DO I let her pull me closer” (Moody 30). The girl asks the narrator to teach her how to kiss. The narrator spends a number of evenings trying to teach her how to kiss. However, she learns how to kiss and puts the lessons “to good use with someone else” (Mood 31). The girl changes from her current boyfriend and moves elsewhere with her new girlfriend who is now the current love. The narrator is left as the girl decides to change to another lover.
Theme 2: Diversity
In the Geek Love, Katherine Dunn depicts a family of carnivals freaks. Each family member has a specific mutation. The story reveals that Ai and Lily intentionally attempted to create a family of mutants. The mother was “dosed with cocaine, amphetamines, and arsenic” during her ovulation and pregnancy. (Dunn 1). Lily ingested different chemicals during each pregnancy with the hope that each child would yield a fantastic mutation than the last one. Oly, the narrator of the story, is an albino. Oly’s brother Arturo has flippers. The sisters Iphy and Elly are joined Siamese twins. Oly later gives birth to a girl who appears completely normal except that she has a small tail. She insists that the doctors should not remove the tail. The idea of having individuals with freak qualities indicates the need for society to accept diversity. Through the story, Dunn demonstr...

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