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Hunger in China. Poverty and Hunger in China. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Write a source based paper
Follow proper in-text citations and reference page
examine an issue by focusing on problem, solution, cause and effect
raise awareness of hunger
topic-possible themes to explore
how has poverty progressed in recent years compared to the past in China
what is government is doing to alleviate the issue of hunger and poverty
what are the problems government face when trying to alleviate the issue


Professor’s Name:
Hunger in China
Every person born in China in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s remembers The Great Leap Forward. Well, having seen the success of the First Five Year Plan, Mao Zedong thought that he could transform China into an industrialized country in five years. So, between 1958 to 1960, stringent measures were enacted and China was on track to become a competitive economy. However, instead of beating the odds and gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors, China lost close to 50 million people. A majority of the people starved to death and this memory is still fresh in the minds of some people. So, China is no stranger to hunger problems but since this period, the country has managed to do a lot to make sure that the people are no exposed to the same problem.

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