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Persuasive Research on Ways Europe Could Improve the Use of the Main E-Tourism Platforms (Research Paper Sample)


Directions: For this assignment, you will use two articles from your annotated bibliography to write a 2-4 page paper which analyzes your point of view and those within your articles. You will use the methods and templates used in They Say I Say Chapter 5 - "And Yet, Distinguishing What You Say from What They Say pg 67 - 76. as your guideline.
This draft should include your introduction - with hook, body paragraphs - in either point by point or block by block outline form, conclusion - with a summary of your main points and a clear "winner" of the argument. Include an outline and a Works Cited Page.


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Persuasive Research on Ways Europe Could Improve the Use of the Main E-Tourism Platforms
Information technologies have been instrumental in changing the way people plan for their travel and consequently influencing the trends in the tourism industry. According to Sara Ficarreli (49), the significant changes in the industry which are attributed to technology are evident in fields of commerce, promotional marketing, and consumer relations. The platforms presented by Web 2.0 such as Travel 2.0 provide companies operating in the industry with opportunities to improve and increase their interactions with users in a much-defined way (Ficarelli, 49). Europe is set to benefit tremendously from the integration of the World Wide Web into the tourism industry. This persuasive essay provides the reasons why Europe should adopt e-tourism and examine the ways through which the region could employ information technologies to improve the industry.

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