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History of Afghanistan, History of Taliban, Connection with the Memoir (Research Paper Sample)


Choose a character from The Dressmaker of Khair Khana and explain how the character faces oppression and overcomes it using the growth mindset


SLO: Students will write an essay that synthesizes multiple points of view, noting how various texts inform understanding of other texts.
Choose a character from The Dressmaker of Khair Khana and explain how the character faces oppression and overcomes it
using the growth mindset.
In your introduction, you should:
î Grab the reader's attention
î Introduce and summarize The Dressmaker in relation to your chosen character î Provide thesis statement
In your thesis statement, you should roughly use the following template:
î X confronts/experiences_. However, by the end, X successfully overcomes this oppression by using
_____ aspect of the growth mindset.
First Body Paragraph
î Provide historical information about Afghanistan using one of the sources you researched î Describe and explain the Taliban's rules using the other source you researched î Connect the above information to the memoir
In the second part of your essay: (1-2 body paragraphs)
Explain how the character is oppressed, using evidence from Deutsch's article, "Forms of Oppression"
Provide a direct quote or paraphrase from KK and analyze it using Duetsch
In the third part of your essay: (1-2 body paragraphs)
Explain how the character overcomes oppression, using evidence from Carol S. Dweck's Mindset.
Provide a direct quote or paraphrase from KK and analyze it using Mindset.
When you use sources, please make sure you provide context regardless of whether you are paraphrasing or directly quoting. Follow the steps for quoting and analyzing learned throughout the semester.
In your conclusion, you should:
î Remind the readers of your thesis (but don't just repeat it)
î Describe what you learned by analyzing The Dressmaker of Khair Khana in light of Deutsch's essay and Mindset
Make sure you include a Works Cited page
After writing your essay (this is NOT your conclusion), you MUST write a reflection as directed below EITHER in a Moodle forum OR as the last page of your essay (at instructor's discretion).
Think about the questions below, and write at least 100 words or 10 lines in your answer. Express your genuine feelings; don't be too concerned about perfect grammar and spelling. Answer at least 3 of the following questions.
Reflect on your development as a reader, writer and researcher throughout this class. What challenges did you find in preparing and writing your research paper?
What specific skills do you feel that you gained in writing this essay (i.e. research skills, properly using databases in the library, properly finding, annotating, and understanding library or credible resources, organizing your essay, properly incorporating outside library resources into an essay, etc..)?
And in a more general sense, think about the following questions:
How have your writing skills improved?
In what ways has your writing grown and changed? What have you learned about yourself as a college student?

Student Name:
Oppression and injustice are used in this context to mean the presence of a violation of an individual's values in accordance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Deutsch 7). Oppression is experiencing repeated, widespread, and systematic injustice. According to Harvey (1999), civilized oppression comprises of all forms of oppression in everyday normal life. Therefore, is widespread and repeated injustice that is systematic and may not be not be extreme and involves the legal system (Deutsch 10). These are the deep injustices certain groups in society experience due assumptions that are often unconscious and reactions of well-meaning individuals that have ordinary interactions supported by the media and existing stereotypes and structural features within bureaucratic hierarchies and market mechanisms (Deutsch 10).
The Dressmaker by Khair Khana narrates the story of real-life heroine and a young entrepreneur whose tailoring business created job opportunities for women within her surroundings during the years of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Kamila Sadiqi as a student in Kabul under training to become a teacher never expected her life to change the way it did over the next few years. The Taliban took over Kabul in the 90s and set up new rules and a way of life that changed Kamila's life and her family's future. Under the Taliban rule, Kamila and other women in Afghanistan were oppressed as they were stripped of their rights. Kamila was forced out of school and banned from going to school. In addition, she was confined to her house and banned from working with the Taliban soldiers constantly moving around to enforce these laws. When her father and brothers flee, Kamila is left to be the breadwinner. Armed with determination and a needle and threat, Kamila set up a sewing and tailoring workshop. Due to her entrepreneurial spirit, fearlessness and skilled fingers she builds and by recognizing the ab...
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