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Hamlet: Flaws, Inconsistencies (Research Paper Sample)


This is a research assignment based on the play Hamlet. Use 5 research sources, including the book named The Seagull Reader Plays Second Edition by Joseph Kelly, find out as much as you can about what literacy scholars say about flaws, inconsistencies, imperfections, and continuity problems in the play of Hamlet . No more than 2 sources from the internet. All other sources must be from a library. Report your findings. In the last two paragraphs, explain your thoughts about the play's quality based on the research. To help you get started , there are many inconsistencies in Hamlet's character as we as the play itself. Early in the play, Hamlet says the ghost is a "true ghost", yet doubts the ghost later in the play. There are problems with the play's structure, where Hamlet is supposed to be college age (18 or 19 years old) but at the end of the play it is stated that he is 30 years old. Upon leaving King Claudius in the chapel, Hamlet goes directly the queen's chamber where Hamlet kills Polonius, thinking Polonius is the king, but the king could not have gotten to the queen's chamber before Hamlet. This composition is a research paper and should reflect ideas and analysis of others more than your own ideas: you are reporting what literary and Shakespearean scholars say about the play. Please keep quotations short and concise and do not try to let the quoted material write the paper. Works cited page is expected. Any quotation from the play Hamlet taken from the text book mentioned above should be followed by the page, act, scene, and line indicated in parenthesis.


Course title:
Flaws, inconsistencies, imperfections, and continuity problems in the Hamlet of play
Other than the Bible, not any other work of literature has occasioned extensive passionate analysis. The play of Hamlet has actually been performed in many languages across the world. Without doubt, Shakespeare accomplished one of his most epic characterizations when he created Hamlet’s role – the gloomy Danish Prince. It is notable that Hamlet’s appeal to the audiences was almost undoubtedly as a result of his several human weaknesses. Hamlet is well known for his indecisiveness, although his inconsistency might well be an even more excellent character (Jones 21). This essay analyzes the continuity problems, imperfections, inconsistencies, and flaws in the play of Hamlet.
Early during the drama, Hamlet claims that the ghost is actually a true ghost. Later in the drama however, he doubts the ghost. This is a major inconsistency on Hamlet’s part. One of the greatest critiques of the play of Hamlet is T. S. Eliot who asserted that because of a fundamental weakness in the Hamlet, the play was an artistic failure. According to Eliot, a playwright actually owes a duty to his or her audiences to write dialogue which is suitable to characters as they have been developed in the play (Safer 11). In the Closet Scene for instance, when Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, is confronted by Hamlet inside her bedchamber, the words of Hamlet reveal a spite and enmity for which audiences are not well prepared. This can be considered as imperfection or flaw of the play. In the twentieth century, the usual approach was to imply, on the part of Hamlet, an incestuous and aggravated love for his mother which might actually give good reason for the words spoken by Hamlet in this scene, but for which the playwright himself does not give any background at all (Safer 13). Consequently, instead of solving the problem, this approach serves to create an inconsistency.
There are other inconsistencies and imperfections in the play of Hamlet besides the insufficient preparation of the audiences for the attitude of Hamlet towards his mother during the Closet Scene. After leaving King Claudius, his uncle, inside the chapel, Hamlet goes straight to the chamber of his mother and slays Polonius, since he thought that he was the Danish King, but the Danish King could not have been to the queen’s chamber before Hamlet. This is a major imperfection and inconsistency since Hamlet had just left King Claudius in the Chapel, and he knew he was the king, yet he goes to take the life of Polonius thinking he was the King.
Another inconsistency is without doubt Hamlet’s more or less complete lack of concern for his loss of the Danish Kingdom. This inconsistency may seem as an oversight by William Shakespeare himself. In essence, the playwright’s genius was basically to show the audience the timeless facets of people’s weaknesses and strengths via the play’s characters (Mabillard 7). People are inclined to clash and fight each other ferociously for what they think rightfully belongs to them. Throughout history and in many dramas, princes have plotted, schemed, manoeuvred, risked, and even lost their lives in their struggles to become kings. For instance, Macbeth, a very popular Shakespearean drama, was about a Scottish lord who had a very strong desire to achieve royal power; a desire that was the core of the play (Mabillard 8).
Nevertheless, the attitude of Hamlet towards the throne appears to disagree with what experience, history, and even Shakespeare the playwright himself, have taught the audience. Hamlet speaks just once of the loss of his Danish kingdom. Besides that, Hamlet never mentions the loss of this prize of ultimate status and authority, a major loss...
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