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Gun control in the united states (Research Paper Sample)


Hello, The research paper is about Gun control in the United States . This project have to include introductory paragraph , body and conclusion. this assignment is going to be submitted to I will attach the introduction that my teacher have already approved. I will need an outline done on this coming Tuesday - it will go through as well.


Gun control in the United States
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It is common knowledge that all rights have a certain level of limitations or responsibilities. For instance, in as much as the 1st amendment outlines citizens’ right to freedom of speech, they have a responsibility to ensure that utterances or written material do not encroach on others’ welfare. In the same vein, as much as the 2nd amendment outlines citizens’ right to own guns, it is imperative that citizens understand their limitations about using them to inflict harm to others. Congress requires amending the existing law to stipulate clearly that the rights of ownership may be abridged to ensure public safety when its possession interferes with it. In as much there is no absolute right to possess a gun, it is necessary to appreciate that the right is valid to some extent. In this regard, Congress and lawmakers must ensure that there are laws that to guarantee security in public places such as schools.
Total gun eradication is implausible and unrealistic, but Congress can implement laws that decrease the availability of lethal weapons accessible to the masses. Limiting access and supply would decrease in gun deaths, violence and improve national security to a great extent. This assertion is justified by the previous regulations on access to guns such as the Brad ban that resulted in positive effects. The ban obligated sellers to allow for a five day waiting period before closing sales. This was meant to allow time for background checks completion on buyers, to ensure that those that were purchasing to commit suicide or to engage in impulse actions had adequate time rethink their decision or to cool off and to finally ensure that police obtain reports about those buying multiple guns. Bob Adams indicated that the number of deaths perpetrated using firearms had plummeted by 10, 300 between 1993 and 2002 when the bans were in effect. He also indicated that gun proprietors dropped by 181,000 in a span of three years (Adams 950). The ban expired in 2004, and it is very irresponsible that legislators ignored the positive impact that it created in reducing gun supply and the overall security in the country. It is time that Congress learns from these positive effects and provides support to President’s Obama renewed call for the reinstatement of the regulations. It will go a long way in providing much-needed public safety while maintaining citizen’s right to bear weapons.
There is a myriad of negative consequences that emanate from irresponsible gun use. History of mass shootings such as those that occurred in Aurora, Oak Creek, Tucson and Newton provoke the need to have legislative measures to prevent such occurrences. The consequences are a clear indication that lawmakers must arrive in speedy legislation to ensure constitutionally controlled access to firearms. Research also indicates that death perpetrated throu...
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