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Gallery Exhibitions (Research Paper Sample)

Use this form for a critique of a drawing, painting, sculpture or photograph on display in an art gallery. An art gallery is a place where artwork is displayed for sale. If you are not in a place where you can purchase the art and take it home with you, do not use this form. This form should not be used for works of art in a museum. Select one work of art at the gallery and respond to the following prompts. this should be talking about one of the Gallery in Los Angeles. and this is due tuesday at 3:00 pm so please keep me posted. i know you guys can do it and i do trust you wrok. please let me know if there is any further questions many thanks. source..
New painting and works on paper
This painting displayed in the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles, California. It is a work on paper and a site specific installation from artist Retna. The type of media that Retna uses in her drawings is the graphite because it can easily be used on any bases like canvas or even wood. The most preferred base for this drawing is a paper.
This work of art was created in the year 2011, but it was put on the Michael Kohn’s gallery on 15 September 2012 up to 27 October 2012. This art’s physical dimension is an imperial dimension, which is appropriate enough to warrant it a high price that is in terms of dollars. Therefore, because this is a modern piece of art, its asking price is about two hundred and fifty dollars for a single piece. This is an extremely fair price because, as a critique art, it has a deep message that it is sending to the viewers. In addition, it has an enormous dimension thereby making it extremely affordable for all persons who visit the gallery.
The name under which this art was displayed is the Michael Kohn gallery, which is located in Los Angeles in California.
Artist Biography
Retna is an artist who has a deep interest in the critique visual writings of the ancient cultures. This ranges from the Arabic’s ancient cultures writings to Persians, then to Hebrew culture writings and then the Native America’s cultural writings. He has a passion for the use of hieroglyphics and the graceful ink calligraphy traditions which he highly values inform of his own paint brush while his angles and curves takes he design of the Asian temple or the mosque’s architecture. He also has an extremely high attraction to the modernized abstraction, which he borrowed from other artists such as Mark Tobey and Franz Kline.
In addition to his likings, Retna has also been recognized as a product of his own time. This is because his work is informed in the contemporary artistic precedents, which include other artists such as Jenny Holzer, Glen Ligon, and Jean Michael Basquiat. All these are artistes who have used images and texts in order to expand the paintings boundaries and interpreted the confound visual. Most of The Retna's works are simultaneously conceptual, abstract, and literal. He is able to synthesize all of these precedents and influence an elegant and seamless abstract painting.
Retna also adapted the Alias Retna from the Wu track Heaterz that is a type of art, which uses kinetic globe lighting in order to shine, and it is so bright that it may burn a person’s retina. All this is in order to be able to ensure that all his paintings and drawings are dazzling and appealing in the years of the gallery audience. In his work, Retna has adapted a style in which in the process of painting, he listens to music thus allowing the rhythmic beat of ` music to flow and guide his emotive and intuitive script.
Beyond the music that Retna listens to ...
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