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Future of Video Games Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


RESEARCH PAPER focusing on any topic related to video games and contributes to the additional study/reflection we’ve already done in class: Future or new (innovative) uses for video games.
Please use 12pt. font, Arial (or similar), double-space, 1-inch margins.
Please include a title page (title, name, date) + 6-8 written pages + bibliography (started on a new page; and written out – no links); please limit the use of images (if any).
All sources should be cited in your bibliography, including statistics, reviews, video games, etc. you incorporate in your paper. Please refer to at least five course text


Future of Video Games
Children and teenagers prefer spending their free time playing video games. In some cases, they go to the extent of buying the games so that they can play at the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, others play video games for money with their fellow competitors. A video game is a game played electronically where the user interface is generated in two or three-dimensional feedback on a display video device. These display devices can vary from monitors to TV screens, to mention a few. Video games started becoming an essential part of the entertainment industry since the 1980s, and there are those who argue that it is also a form of art. However, that is still disputable based on specific characteristics. Video games are played on electronic systems called platforms. This means that they are developed from one platform to another and in some cases; they may be unavailable on other platforms. The essay discusses the future of video games.
There are different types of platforms in video gaming. For example, there are those that are specialized, such as arcade games, which present the game in a wide range. A typical example is the one that was coin operated and was common in the 1980s. However, as years went by, other platforms that were affordable became available for example laptops that would also be used for general purposes. There are also different game controllers like keyboards, joysticks, and gamepads, which are most commonly used around the globe. When playing, the involved parties view the game on a screen and sometimes use virtual reality goggles, which are becoming a common trend. Video games are an increased source of income. The commercial importance has grown over the years, and mobile games on smartphones are the main reason for the growth in the gaming industry. For example, in the United States, video games produced sales of US$74 billion in 2015 (Perez 1). To add on, video games are the third largest sector in the entertainment industry in America, after the broadcast and cable TV. This shows how the entertainment industry is growing in large dimensions.
Most people play video games for entertainment. However, there are also educational video games. An example is The VTech Socrates. This initiative was led by the former United States President, Barack Obama, who came up with a campaign dubbed
"Educate to Innovate" (Berger 1). The drive aimed to improve engineering and technological abilities of students in the US. This would be possible through harnessing the power of the associative games to make it possible for the students to succeed. The campaign has opened new opportunities and competitions for video games. Moving on, some games are easy to access and simple to understand. These are casual games. Casual games do not have a lot of rules. An example is Solitaire and puzzle games, to mention a few in this category. These games are mostly available in the Apple stores and can easily be downloaded online.
Serious games can be easily downloaded but aim at giving the player information and in some cases, a learning experience. These types of games have different audiences and vary from group representation. Serious games are designed to be played in a particular environment and by players with a certain skill. That is why some games in this category would not qualify as a video game. Most video game players have a particular skill set. They have excellent visual motor skills and perfect hand and eye coordination. This increases their sensitivity to information and also their scoring ability (Nichols 1). A lot of training is needed to master these abilities. That is why video games are best for therapeutic intervention for people with mental health concerns....

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