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US Fuel: What is the Future of Fuels in our Country? (Research Paper Sample)


Research one renewable energy source and discuss its possibilities and challenges.
Discuss your position on nuclear power. Specifically address the questions: If a nuclear power plant were proposed nearby to your home, would you support it? If not, how do you think we should meet our energy needs in a renewable way?
Support your arguments with data and evidence from class and the documentary, as well as outside resources. Cite your sources as necessary using appropriate citation formatting.
Each student is responsible for writing his/her own paper.
20 points, 2 pages, double spaced
It is a violation of Miami's Academic Integrity policies to plagiarize another person or source. Information MUST be presented in your own words with a proper source citation.
For more information regarding Academic Integrity, please refer to Miami's policies here: http://www(dot)miamioh(dot)edu/integrity/
Visit the Howe Writing Center for help with your assignment http://miamioh(dot)edu/hcwe/hwc/index.html
Be mindful of % match by Turnitin. If you have a high % match to a single source, this would be cause for concern. Information that is deemed to be directly taken from sources will not be graded and possible academic misconduct proceedings may be initiated.


English and Literature
Fuel in the United States
What is the Future of Fuels in our Country?
The United States is still in the oil age. The future of the fuel in the US is natural gas. The demand for gas in the next two decades will increase substantially. The International Energy Agency's World Energy Outlook 2015 estimates that by 2040, the demand for gas in the US will rise by 33% (Energia16, 2016). Coal in the US and globally throughout 2040 is likely to maintain its demand in the electricity production (Taylor, 2017). The reason behind this is that the wave of development has hit most nations.
The developing nations will, therefore, be expected to take the advantage of coal. This is because it is cheap when it comes to helping them develop industrially and technologically. Despite the demand for coal being expected to rise, the shift to reducing air pollution will mean less of coal and more of natural gases. The shale gas development in the country will mean that the areas not yet opened for oil exploration will be opened.
What are some of the Challenges with our Current Dependence on Coal and Fossil Fuel?
The US's current dependence on fossil fuel and coal has posed some effects on the country. The growing supply and demand for fossil fuel have led to the dramatic growth in the population o

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