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Character Study of Emma and Someone else; Maximum of three characters (Research Paper Sample)

The essay is based on a book called "Emma" by Jane Austin. Focus on character study of Emma and One more person( Maximum 3 character). Connect it to the social aspect such as marriage, prejudice, social status of women and men, and Social Darwinist Theory. 8 scholars for sources. 1 work cited page in addition of the 9-page essay body. source..
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Comparison of Emma, Jane and Mr. Knightley:
A Look at Society and Social Darwinism
Literature has always been an excellent medium for analyzing and scrutinizing the way society works. Indeed, through characters, both fictional and true to life, are able to portray, romanticize, emphasize, or even mock society. The works of Jane Austen are perhaps one of the greatest examples of this, wherein even though Austen lived in an era much more conservative than today`s modern society, the essential points she has raised in her works still apply today. The novel Emma is Austen`s longest, and perhaps most comprehensive exploration of the society in which man lives in.
On the other hand, Austen`s society is perhaps one of periods that most experienced the effect of Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism involves the theory that the principles of Darwin in biological evolution can also be applied to the evolution of the society and politics (Williams 186). This theory asserts that like the processes involved in biological evolution, there are also natural forces that affect the development and evolution of the human society. Darwin`s main principle in evolution involves the phrase "survival of the fittest;, wherein the species that are most able to adapt to their environment is able to dominate over weaker species unable to adapt. These strong species then survive, and the weak perish (Claeys 224).
In relation, this paper will then attempt to analyze society in terms of marriage, prejudice, the social status of men and women, and the Social Darwinist Theory, by looking at and comparing the character of Emma in relation to two other characters in the story, Jane Fairfax and Mr. Knightley. More importantly, this paper will attempt to prove that through the character of Emma, Austen was able to portray the negative effects of Social Darwinism. This paper will first compare the characters of Emma and Jane, but a brief background for each will be first presented. Afterwards, the comparison of the characters will be then discussed. This will be followed by the comparison of Emma to Mr. Knightley.
Character Study and Comparison of Emma and Jane
Emma (Woodhouse) is the protagonist of Austen`s novel of the same title. She was introduced to the reader as a "handsome, clever, and rich (woman), with a comfortable and happy disposition" (Austen 1). Nearly 21 years old, Emma has lived a wonderful life with very little to vex or distress her. However, as much as Emma is blessed with good qualities, these blessing may actually have served as a curse for her, since the said qualities caused her to be vain and to think of herself a little too well. This vanity, coupled by her stubbornness in almost all matters in life led to three of the major conflicts in the story.
First, believing that Harriet must marry a gentleman, she encourages her to refuse the proposal of the man she ...
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