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BAM108 Assignment A: Dragons’ Den (Entrepreneurship) (Research Paper Sample)


BAM108 Assignment A: Dragons’ Den (Entrepreneurship)
For this assignment, you must watch one recent (from season 12) episode of Dragons’ Den. This show airs on regular TV on CBC Wednesdays at 8 pm but you can watch previous episodes on the CBC website ( or YouTube. 
After watching one full episode of season 12, you must choose at least one presentation, and answer the following questions. 
1) Tell me all about the product/idea that is being pitched (presented). (5 marks)2) Where did the entrepreneur get the idea for his/her product? (2 marks)3) Do you think this idea will work as a business? Why or why not? (3 marks)4) Did the Dragons agree or disagree with you? Explain your answer. (3 marks)5) Why are the contestants going on the show (what do they want from the Dragons) (and think about everything – not just the money)? (3 marks)6) What do the Dragons want to know from the contestant(s) before they will invest in the contestant’s business? (2 marks)7) Why are the contestants willing to give up a percentage of their company?           (2 marks)8) Review Chapter 5 on the Global Context of Business and use what you learned in this Chapter and apply it to the business you chose to report on.  (5 marks)9) Describe 2 ways that Chapter 6 on Managing the Business Enterprise related to this business. Did the presenters discuss any management skills or the management process? Explain. (5 marks)Total Marks = 30 (up to 3 marks will be deducted for any grammar, spelling errors, etc.)Weighting = 15 % of your final course grade.
1. Clearly number your answers and answer all questions in grammatical correct sentences (you will lose marks if it is not). 
2. Clearly identify the episodes you watched (include both the season and episode number, and provide the URL) as well as your full name, student ID number, your section of  BAM 108, my name, and date on your cover sheet.3. You are going to submit this assignment in class. You are to bring a hard copy of your assignment to class on the date it is due WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 14th. 


Business Management
The idea that was pitched in the seventh episode of the 12th series was on male leggings. These are skinny pants that males can wear as they go out (BBC). They resemble the yoga pants, which are quite common with women, however these were not pitched as a gym outfit but rather as a casual wear for men. As such, they were said to be comfortable and more importantly, quite fashionable.
According to the presenters, the ideas came from a look at the current trend in the fashion industry. Most of the apparel shops are now stocking on male leggings (Lee, Jolie). As such, the trio felt that they needed to make something that people would feel more fashionable in comparison to what was being stocked in the current market (BBC). At the same time, the idea was also guided by the prediction, that the element of skinny jeans in the fashion industry is soon going to be overrun by the leggings. As more and more people seek more skinny wear, they are going to find the leggings more fashionable and comfortable in any casual event that they would want to be at.
This is not an idea that seemed serious to start with. Even the level of conviction among the presenters is not enthusiastic. For them, it seems as if they are out to have fun with the dragons and joke around. At the same time, it is important to note that, the fashion trend for men leggings is not as high as the trio would want to imply (BBC). They are not as comfortable as the presenters would want to imply which explain why they are not as common. They do not look or represent a trend that is going to pick up soon as they look unprofessional and playful at best.
When the trio presents their idea, the dragons are not convinced about the idea. They do not feel that the presenters are out to start a company or even a busi

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