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Research Questions Double Lives On Social Media (Research Paper Sample)


Research question on 2-3 sentences, each Annotated Bibliography 4 sentences


16 April 2019
Double Lives on Social Media
The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde revolved around 19th-century social issues such as false identities, domineering mothers, lost children and false identities (citation). The characters in the play, Jack, Algernon and Cecily (through her diary) assume false identities to achieve their goals. The theme of false identity is present in the modern age but a different dimension. The digital lives of the 21st century are characterized by the internet and social media. On these platforms, it is not uncommon for people to have double lives: a near perfect live portrayed that is contrary to reality. This research explores various articles on the issue of double lives to seek answers to the following question: are there benefits of living a double life?
Annotated Bibliography
Green Mary (2011): Special Report: Why high-achieving men are more likely to lead troubling double lives, 18 March 2011,
In this article, the author investigates what drives high-achieving men to live double-lives and why the wives so often are the last to find out. She provides a few examples of successful men whose secrets lives came to the open. In the article, she presents the views of counselors and psychologists on the issue. The article gives insights to some of the reasons why “successful” people live double lives. Their “successful” lives are what others try to emulate in social media. The article shows that behind the limelight, these people are human and with their shortcomings which they hide from the world.
Callahan Maureen (2015): Our double lives: Dark realities behind ‘perfect’ online profiles, 11 October 2015,
This article provides several examples of people who posted photos is their “wonderful and successfu

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