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Diversity In Marriages In The United States (Research Paper Sample)


After you have read several academic articles on your topic, you will develop a thesis statement that makes an arguable claim about the social/cultural/political function of the particular area of the sciences that you are addressing through the lens of cultural diversity. You will conduct both preexisting and original research based on the research questions that you develop in class. Then you will craft an essay that makes an innovative argument that uses supporting textual examples and analysis. You must use in-text citations and a work cited page, which will include a minimum of five sources.
Essay Requirements:
4-5 pages
5 sources (3 scholarly, 2 informal)
Higher Order Concerns:
-Original Research
- Preexisting Research
- Strong, unique Thesis
- Use of Textual Support
- Organization (transitions and topic sentences: the main idea of the paragraph and refer back to the thesis in some way)
- Analysis
Lower Order Concerns:
- Grammar
- Spelling
- Sentence Structure (Is there sentence variety? Long and short sentences?)
- Word Choice (No contractions/formal diction/appropriate for the subject matter)
- Transitions


Diversity in Marriages
Fifty years ago, the United States of America's Supreme Court decriminalized marriage between people of different races in all states in a monumental decision that shaped the futures of numerous couples. Since then, there has been a steady rise in the number of interracial couples in the country. Pew Research Center estimates that one in every six newlywed couples are in an interracial marriage (Livingston and Brown). Statistics in 2015 showed that 17% of all newlywed couples in the United States were intermarried, a huge contrast to the 3% in 1967 shortly before the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court. However, research shows that the number of interracial marriages is influenced by numerous factors such as attitudes, migration patterns, availability of partners, and education which have in some ways have either inhibited or promoted diverse marriages (Chalabi). While the legal barrier against culturally diverse marriages has since been removed in almost all countries, couples continue to face various challenges, both from within and without the marriage.
The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to provide a detailed examination of the challenges faced by culturally diverse marriages in the United States. The findings show that some of the major issues facing intercultural couples were lack of societal acceptance, racial discrimination, cultural stereotyping, culture shock, and non-uniformity in child-rearing practices. A lot more challenges have been documented in literature but these challenges stand out the most, especially in the United States. A detailed discussion of these challenges is presented to give a better understanding of the problem and stimulate society to come up with suitable solutions.
Challenges in Intercultural Marriages
Intercultural marriages challenges are often accompanied by normal couple emotions such as depression, anger, guilt, insecurity, anxiety, and identity conflict. However, their cases are unique due to the greater potential of conflict emanating from the differences in cultural affiliations. By eliminating the common problems faced by all kinds of couples such as challenges arising from the couple's adaptation to each other, we remain with a set of challenges stemming from societal pressure, racism, and cultural diversity (Sossah 106). Consequently, interracial couples seem to have more challenges to deal with thereby leading to them needing greater adjustment periods to their marriage. Sossah (106) explains that other reasons behind this could also include the overall attitude of the society towards such relationships. Long adjustment periods in marriages, on the surface, might not seem like a huge problem. However, it is important to note that this piles more pressure on the couple to try and meet societal expectations. It can, therefore, be classified as the bedrock for almost all the other challenges that come along in intercultural marriages.
One of the major problems in interracial marriages, as earlier insinuated, is lack of acceptance from the society. Society attitudes towards interracial marriages range from curiosity to prejudice (Skowronski et al. 276). This, sometimes, results in a certain degree of marginalization (Lewis 20). The marginalization is felt more severely in primary group situations than in secondary group situations. Primary groups consist of people with close interactions such as family and friends. On the other hand, secondary groups consist of people with less personal interactions such as acquaintances. In some cases, social acceptance of intercultural marriages varies according to regions. For instance, black spouses are less accepted in the southern part of the United States and more accept...

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