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On the Denial of the Efforts against Affirmative Action (Research Paper Sample)


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January 23, 2018
On the Denial of the Efforts against Affirmative Action
The issue of Affirmative action and its efficiency in maintaining its effectiveness against racial discrimination while choosing the best of the bests has been debated for a long time now. On one hand, proponents of Affirmative action would argue that due to this policy, racial discrimination (both latent and manifest ones) in college admission is kept in check. On the other hand, those who oppose the act believes that it undermines the spirit of meritocracy, and could even endanger our own education system as it poses a risk admitting a student based on his race rather than his accomplishments. In light of the recent events in our nation, it is apparent that efforts against affirmative action has been rejected by the Justice Department. I believe that due to this, more schools co

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