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Consequences of Bullying. Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


My research question:
What are the far-reaching consequences of bullying on school-age students?
My research thesis:
Bullying in schools can lead to severe psychological issues that are often overlooked in society.
For Essay 3, you must write an ARGUMENTATIVE RESEARCH PAPER.
That is, the paper must argue for or against something, present a solution to a problem, or defend a position: it may not just present information on a subject.
For your own research paper:
1. Write a research paper that tries to convince the reader of a position. In other words, to repeat, your paper should not just inform your reader about a topic, but instead it must convince your reader of something. Think of an argumentative paper as writing FOR or AGAINST something. Your final research paper must be between at least 750 words and adhere to MLA formatting.
Source guidelines:
The paper must incorporate formal research.
A minimum of three (3) sources must be used - a maximum of five (5) sources can be used.
Only ONE (1) source may come from a direct website; this does not mean that you cannot conduct all of your research online -- you can, but your other sources must be academic ones (books, newspaper articles, journal articles, etc.).
Within the paper itself, you must cite each source from which you paraphrase, summarize, or quote. All in-text citations must adhere to MLA formatting. Although this is a research paper assignment, the bulk of the paper should still come from your own original ideas, interpretations, evaluations, and suggestions. Roughly, no more than 30% of the paper should come from source material.
An accompanying Works Cited page is required: papers submitted without one will automatically earn a zero (0).


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Consequences of Bullying
Bullying is an abuse of power, which refers to as aggressive behavior that involves long term intentional harm, which is done by peers such as workmates, friends, or students. Peers tend to repeat these intentional harming behaviors resulting in power imbalance (Arseneault, 27). Research shows that more than 28% of United States students go through bullying during their grades 6 to 12, and 20% go through the same between grades 9 and 12. Bullying tends to be a negative action since it does cause not only traumatic childhood but also post-traumatic stress disorder during adulthood. Some people believe that bullying is a rite of passage that every individual should go through. Sadly, they do not realize the adverse effects that bullying can cause (Arzt,7). This paper seeks to argue that bullying in schools can lead to severe psychological issues that are often overlooked in society. Hence, it fights the acts of bullying in every facet of people’s life.

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