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Call for animals to be banned from circus (Research Paper Sample)

demonstrate ability to write a credible and analytically research paper (3000 ¡V 3600 words) related to the course theme which contains: „« evidence of a well-balanced review of the literature for that topic; „« A minimum of ten required sources as follows: a) five academic/scholarly secondary sources, one of which must be from a current¡Xwithin the past five years¡Xpeer-reviewed scholarly journal and b) five credible/popular secondary sources (most magazines and newspapers would fall into this category). Note: a minimum of five of these sources must be from the EdCC Library databases. „« an appropriate and well-reasoned thesis that is clearly stated and quickly identifiable; „« personal understanding of and engagement with the topic; „« language which reflects your genuine engagement with the research while still being precise and formal in tone and style; „« correct use of MLA for documentation of the sources you cite and for the overall layout of your paper. A minimum of ten required sources as follows: ¡E five academic/scholarly secondary sources, one of which must be from a current¡Xwithin the past five years¡Xpeer-reviewed scholarly journal ¡E five credible/popular secondary sources (most professional magazines, newspapers, and websites would fall into this category. Also many books and encyclopedias and multimedia sources). a minimum of five of your sources must be from the EdCC Library databases. ** Please follow the given resource from the attachment. source..
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When children as well as adults see animals in circus, it gets into their minds that animals are meant for their amusement. However, apart from the cruelty that animals go through during training and the confinement of the animals, the entire idea of humiliating animals for our enjoyment is indicates lack of respect for animals (Andy 129). Circus refers to as a group of performers that travel from one place to another. The group may include trained animals, acrobats, clowns, musicians and tight rope walkers among others. In our case focus is on animal circuses. Wild animals are subjected to training in order to perform. They are used as performers. In most cases, they are forced to go through harsh training in order to abandon their wild characters and adopt the desired characters and behaviors that would amuse the audience. This subjection to severe training that makes the animal circus unfair. These animals are denied their rights. When compared to their counterparts in zoos and in the wild, they do not enjoy nature that was intended for them. These animals are denied the chance to roam around and instead they are confined to a cage. The reason that animals cannot communicate to people makes many to assume animals. Therefore, they are easily mistreated and abused. Throughout the training and travelling, the animals are confided in small cages (enclosures) hence denying them the freedom to express their natural behavior. Further, the training is in most cases based on punishment and fear. Despite the fact that their suffering is a lifelong experience, their role in entertainment lasts only for a few minutes which makes more unfair. The paper closely examines why it is necessary to ban the animal circus.
Materials and methods
In search of information on animal circuses, I searched on relevant peer as well as non-peer-reviewed literature throug...
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