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Business Administration And Management Argumentative Topic (Research Paper Sample)


That is, the paper must argue for or against something, present a solution to a problem, or defend a position: it may not just present information on a subject. 
(The lessons in Unit 3 will walk you through how to write this essay. Carefuly review all the content.)
(Our assigned essay, Marc Prensky's "Colleges Should Mandate That All Textbooks Be Digitized" is an example of an argument - refer to our Unit 3 discussion and content as needed.)
For your own research paper:
1. Write a research paper that tries to convince the reader of a position. In other words, to repeat, your paper should not just inform your reader about a topic, but instead it must convince your reader of something. Think of an argumentative paper as writing FOR or AGAINST something.
You may choose your own topic, but to promote writing across the curriculum, choose from the following:
a topic that is directly related to your major/field of study or a job you currently hold or want to hold. For example, a student interested in business may choose to write an argumentative paper about the Affordable Care Act and small businesses. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. An art student, for instance, may not be sure at first what argumentative topic to tackle, but perhaps he or she could write an argument about the use of sex in advertisement, etc. Ultimately, choose a topic that will be of real interest of you. Consider perhaps a problem you face at your current job or areas of disagreement in your professions of interest.
a topic that relates to an issue related to school. Consider your past school experiences as well as your current one. Think of a problem or issue you faced then or are facing now, a policy with which you disagree, etc.
Before writing the full paper, you will first work through the process of creating a research proposal and an annotated bibliography. Keep in mind that, first and foremost, your topic will need to approved by your instructor.
For the purposes of academic discourse, please avoid choosing controversial topics that will require, in great part, relying on religious/moral arguments. Although you are each, of course, entitled to your own personal beliefs, it will best for this course to depend on academic sources that are independent of personal faith. For example, avoid writing papers about abortion, the death penalty, etc.
Unit 3 will cover, in detail, how to write an argumentative research paper -- and its precededing components.
Your final research paper must be between 1500-1800 words and adhere to MLA formatting. 
Source guidelines:
The paper must incorporate formal research.
A minimum of three (3) sources must be used - a maximum of five (5) sources can be used.
Only ONE (1) source may come from a direct website; this does not mean that you cannot conduct all of your research online -- you can, but your other sources must be academic ones (books, newspaper articles, journal articles, etc.). It IS possible to access these sources remotely via the library portal (from your home or work computer) without having to physically visit the library, if you would prefer not to or are unable to do so. The unit content will explain how this is possible.
Within the paper itself, you must cite each source from which you paraphrase, summarize, or quote. All in-text citations must adhere to MLA formatting. Although this is a reseach paper assignment, the bulk of the paper should still come from your own original ideas, interpretations, evaluations, and suggestions. Roughly, no more than 30% of the paper should come from source material.
An accompanying Works Cited page is required: papers submitted without one will automatically earn a zero (0).
Accompanying multi-media materials can be incorporated -- and are encouraged! -- but should be in addition to, not in place of, other formal source material and own content.


Promoting Employee Engagement in today’s Working Environment
Employee engagement is a powerful factor for the success of any business, both small and large enterprises. It is argued that engaged workers tend to be more productive, profit-oriented and customer focused among other benefits to the firm. It raises the business to a higher level in the marketplace. Therefore, the paper seeks to explain the importance of employee engagement in a firm and the fundamental factors that employers must consider when deciding on engagement strategies. It also discusses some of the methods of employee engagement that managers can use to boost the performance of their workers.
Employee engagement has been associated with increased productivity and attainment of company objectives. Three out of five successful firms in the world today have good employee engagement methods. Disengaged workers are known to erode the company’s culture, creating a negative attitude and beliefs within the employees that reduce the commitment of the workers in the firm. On the other hand, engaged employees develop a deep connection to the organization’s culture and goals. The culture is easily spread from the seniors to the junior workers, and soon everyone in the firm adapts the trend, working towards achieving the company goals and ensuring the customer needs are met. Every organization in the labor market wants to succeed and expand its operations so that it can increase its income. Workers are the ambassadors of good faith to the firm. They exploit the available resources to meet the market gap. They are involved in customer satisfaction initiatives that boost the loyalty of the customers to the company, and hence, increasing the total sales of the company’s product every fiscal year (Bakker, Arnold and Evangelia 212).
Employee engagement reframes the whole company. In engaging the workers, there is a need for the employers to pay more attention to particular priorities of the employees. It has been determined that workers are more likely to be self-engaged and involved in the company operations when the workplace provides some factors to them. For example, it is essential to make the employee engagement a business strategy. The strategy should be able to find possible methods to engage the workers and keep them involved in their employment with the company. In so doing, the workers will become self-motivated and willing to carry out their duties in the firm with less bias and more commitment. Secondly, the engagement must focus on positive business results. The goal of every employer is to have a positive impact on the market. Therefore, by positively engaging the workers, it would be easier to make them accountable for the negative outputs, and at the same time, direct their performance towards the positive value of the company. Next, the employee engagement should be in line with the company goals. Company goals are the drivers that glue every worker in the firm in a particular direction. The company must have an effective communication channel to outline its goals to the workers and to engage them in meeting these goals within the stipulated time frame. Engaged workers are more informed and therefore understand every activity within the firm that increases the company’s chances of growing or expanding (Bakker, Arnold and Evangelia 222). They can prioritize the operations of the organization and focus more on the ones that are cost-effective and generate more income for the business. Finally, good leadership and management developments in performance and development plans are key factors in employee engagement. Involving the workers in the major decision-making platforms in the company allows them to identify with the company and with the final product, which boosts t...

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