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Bruce Jenner Sex Change Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Thus far, you have written eight essays on the controversial issue ( Bruce Jenner sex change ) , four of which have at least one source. Using those essays and those sources, write a five-page research paper (with a sixth page for your Works Cited) on a controversial issue using MLA guidelines in the third-person point of view.


Bruce Jenner Sex Change
In many cases, it is obvious that anything that appears to be done different from normal will typically attract criticism. People are judged all the time by what they look like and in many cases it I related to their capabilities (Slater). As much as it may be considered absolute ridiculous, it is actually a reflection of the kind of society in today's generation. How someone's hair style or skin color relates to their ability to perform certain skills definitely has no basis. Similarly, Mr. Jennner's sexual orientation does not prove or disapprove his ability to win an Olympic medal, or deliver at his work like any other credible worker (Bernstein). However, it is true that this realization of concerns as to whether people can change their biological gender is troubling. This is absolute gender chaos, and it has outlined how destructive gender confusion is to natural marriage, traditional family and most importantly to the children (McDonagh). Recent rumors about Bruce Jennner's transformation from male to female which are now hitting the headlines, is one true example of the concerns that the topic on gender confusion sparks in society (Yahr).
Once known as courageous, brave and heroic Olympic gold medalist, Bruce Jennner's provocative pose on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine as a transgender woman has brought to light the sensitive issue about gender confusion in society (Slater). Admittance from his previous relationships on his love for cross gender clothing, fashion preferences and ever selection of jewelry, it was clear that he has been leading a life inclined towards the female gender side. This final revelation of his true position on the gender confusion with speculations in different media stream is a game changer not only to himself as an individual, but also to the general society on its take on the issue on transgender. First it is important to put into perspective the chaos that is created if the falsehood is accepted that Jenner is now a woman and not a man any longer (McDonagh). Questions that immediately arise include the legitimacy of the 1976 Gold Medal, whether he is going to be a second mother to his children, and his marriages are to be considered lesbian relationships since he claims to have been a woman (Slater). This also will mean that since he plans to have relationships with women, they will be considered lesbian, and if he decides to marry a man, if it will be considered a homosexual relationship and how it will be considered in stated where same sex marriage is prohibited. These are important questions that are revolving in people's heads now and how they are to be addressed is critical clinical situations that require extensive expertise (McDonagh).
Jenner claims that as much as he has a male body, he is as a person with the brain that is more female than it is male. As much as it is important to keep a sense of humor on this matter, lounging at the irony that someone like Jenner could actually try to change his gender, it is important to give this issue on transgender and gender confusion a closer look. When individuals fail to feel comfortable with the gender they physically appear to be, then a condition known as gender dyspharia has to be considered to be taking effect. It is important to realize that Jenners condition is more a clinical condition than just a social consideration (Slater). As much as society may be quick to judge, the facts about gender confusion in this particular case should be taken into consideration (Yahr). According to Slater, Jenner's condition is purely a mental condition that emerges as a means of trying to reduce the stigma that is experienced by those afflicted by it. This is a known condition that has also been included in the diagnostic and...
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