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Beowulf and christianity. Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


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Beowulf and Christianity
Beowulf has many Christian references with a high prevalence of Cain and the floods. This script was initially written in England during the first Christian phase of the Anglo-Saxons (Liuzza, 418). The Christians had not stayed in Christianity for long after conversion from being pagans to the new beings believing in a God they did not know (Hall, 7). Although the people had consented to accept Christianity, they could not let go of some of their paganism beliefs (Cherniss, 9). However, they tried to reconcile the paganism issues with Christianity, and the transition required understanding since the change has and will never prompt natural processes. This attitude of changing with constraints is evident in the Beowulf, whereby some pagan themes like fame and fate could also be accorded to God and the power of the Lord in explaining the compatibility of these issues with Christianity.
The history of the Beowulf reveals that it’s the first script written in English. The poem reveals a general impression of a true story, revealing the normal struggle for power between an uncle and a nephew (Chambers, 11).

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