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Balancing Time Between Playing Video Games & Academic Performance (Research Paper Sample)


This is an argumentative paper. You need to identify how can video games affect university students both in normal life and academic. Why video games can influence students. What kind of advantages and disadvantages about video games, focus on academic. And how students can balance their time between games and academic. I also upload the instruction please read it carefully.


Balancing Time between Playing Video Games and Academic Performance,
An Argumentative Research Paper
Chapter I
The advancement of technology we are currently experiencing in this era has brought us to discoveries and inventions of things that our lives easier compared to the previous years. In line with these advancements, developers have thought of creating things that are indeed innovating and quite similar to what we see and what we experience in reality. Truth is we can no longer control the rapid developments and changes that technological advancement has already brought us. In fact, we can no longer deny that at some points in our lives it has actually been abused.
In connection with what has been stated above, this argumentative research paper was initiated to figure out those possible gray areas with this kind of development. It is an undeniable fact that technological advancements also give negative impact on one person's personal growth and maturity. We can observe it to sudden changes in personality and behavior of an individual. In addition to what has been stated, factors, like being addicted and being hooked with these advancements, can prove it. For instance, observe how students behave and how they act to situations, most of the times they act depending on what they see on social networking sites which some studies have already proven. In reality, students usually follow those trends which are being set as social standards online.
Relatively, video games have been so familiar with university students. It has been believed that video games make university students feel that they are part or they are included in this new generation. More so, they (university students) believed as well that video games help them free themselves from any stress they have. There are those who claim that video games hinder university students from accomplishing their due requirements or projects on time, which shall be explained further later on the latter part of this paper.
Because of this, there are now issues arising with regards to how video games greatly influence university students' academic performance in a negative way. Thus, this paper will try to figure out the different ways of how university student may balance their time in playing video games and acing their grades for better academic performance.
* Importance of the Research
The importance of this argumentative research paper is to clearly state the relation of playing video games and the academic performance of university students. Correspondingly, this research paper shall be able to give tangible ways to balance the time wisely in playing video games and in having an astounding academic performance.
These are the objectives used to serve as guides in fulfilling the needs of the paper:
1 To be able to identify if video games are really affecting academic performance;
2 To be able to compare the academic performance of those university students who play a video game to those who are not;
3 To be able to derive or give ways how to properly balance the time playing video games and academic performance;
4 To be able to give a stand to the ongoing discussion regarding the relations of video games and academic performance.
* Statement of the Problem
The objective of this argumentative research is to seek the answers to the following questions:
1 How can video games affect university students both in normal life and academic?
2 Why can video games influence university students?
3 What are the advantages and disadvantages of video games?

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