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Write About Any One Level Of Hell From Dante's Inferno (Research Paper Sample)


Write about any one level of hell from Dante's Inferno. MLA Format


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Aspect of Hell from Dante's Inferno
Hell is one of the biggest dilemmas for man. Many stories from different cultures and religious doctrines try to explain it in the best pragmatic way possible. However, everyone and every story has one a consensus that hell is for the sinners. Many describe hell as a place or state of being punished and tormented in the afterlife for the wrong deeds especially spiritual ones that a person committed while on earth. All the religious doctrines condemn hell and urge their followers to live a holy life so that they may not spend their afterlife in hell.
Among the most common stories that describe the morphology, characteristics and functionality of hell is Dante's Inferno. The Dante's Inferno is a poem that was written in the fourteenth century. Dante Alighieri's Inferno outlines the occurrences of the journey of the poet through hell. In the poem, hell is described as a series of nine stages that those who have ignored the religious and spiritual values by engaging in inhuman practices, engaged in violence, committed sexual immorality, fraud, and malice on their fellow men get punished based on their sins. The poem depicts these stages as concentric circles of torment in the pome's cantos. The circles as in the plot progressed with the severity of the sins, and thus the circle's number of canto was a matter of degree of the sins that one committed. The geographical location of the circles was a matter of the kind of sin that the individual committed (Kretschmann and Tabea 245).

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