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If Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Human In The Near Future (Research Paper Sample)


Did you arrange a conference with your professor or a tutor?
THESIS: Find the best version of your thesis and write it down.
TOPIC SENTENCES: Write your best topic sentences, in order.
SUPPORT: Check each paragraphs for adequate support. There should be a minimum of two, but ultimately the most convincing support is enough to convince a stranger. List any plans for adding support to your draft.
OPPOSING VIEWS: Did you adequately explain any objections or alternate views to your proposal? List any plans to modify your explanation of these views.
ANALYSIS/COMMENTARY: Check each paragraph to see whether you have adequately explained your topic sentences and your evidence. List any paragraphs that need additional analysis.
UNITY: Check each paragraph, line by line, to make sure each sentence follows the Topic Sentence and logically develops just that one idea. List any plans to revise Unity.
COHERENCE: Check the logical and signal-word transitions in each paragraph. What do you plan to do to improve the overall coherence of your paper?
ACTIVE/PASSIVE VOICE: Check the essay for active and passive voice. Generally, the essay should use Active Voice. List any places where you found passive voice and plan to change it.
GRAMMAR/SENTENCE LEVEL WRITING: Using Turnitin, check your essay (or your previous essays) for grammar and style errors. List the errors that you plan to revise specifically in this essay.
MLA FORMAT: Check your draft against the sample MLA paper and MLA Works Cited page on the Purdue OWL. List any plans to improve the format and citation in your paper.
In a researched, thesis-driven, argumentative college-level paper or at least eight pages, propose a solution to a problem that you have analyzed. Your paper should include at least one objection/counter-argument to your proposal, though you can decide how to present this opposing view.
The final draft should be at least eight pages, or about 2000 words. The final draft should use information from at least seven different credible sources. A source can be unreliable or non-credible if you intend to critique the argument of that source. The overall paper must be arranged in standard MLA format, with a mandatory Works Cited page.
The final draft MUST be submitted with a Works Cited list, in DOCX OR PDF format, and submitted to Turnitin via Canvas.
P.S: Each paragraph need to include two sources and sources can be reuse in different paragraphs. Double spacing is needed.


Technology has revolutionized our lives and presented more opportunities for humans to continue exploiting our planet. In the recent past, artificially intelligent machines have started creeping into the corporate and business world taking over some mundane tasks. According to CITATION ZHi13 \p 15 \l 1033 (Hippe 15), Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science that focuses on understanding the nature of intelligence replicating it on machines by creating computer systems capable of intelligent action. It is the dawn of another technological era manned and powered by AI machines. Some people have dubbed AI as the last invention by humans as they foresee the new technology will take over the world. Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence is here with us, and though it hasn't been fully developed, the technological revolution of the future has already begun. Most people are concerned about the place of humanity in the future with the coexistence of artificially intelligent agents and the probable effects it will have on their lives. This issue has sparked heated debates with each side vehemently defending their position. This is centered on the probability of artificially intelligent machines replacing humans.
Artificial intelligent machines can design improvements to themselves, and thus they can greatly improve their abilities in an unprecedented wayCITATION Nic14 \p 29 \l 1033 (Bostrom 29). A truly intelligent machine can design and improve itself to adapt to the environment or enable itself to accomplish a specific task without human effort. This autonomy is a threat to humans since they will no longer be in need of human intelligence to survive on their own. It could turn out to be a good thing as their intelligence will help humans solve the challenges of our time such as immortality or climate change. However, this autonomy is unregulated by humans, and it can span out of control. The algorithms running them will be structured to ensure their survival by avoiding danger and eliminating any threat. If they perceive humanity as a danger, then they can respond by exterminating humanity to safeguard their survival. Though this is a hypothetical scenario, it is probable since no human input would be necessary to determine what they perceive as right or wrong. Humanity will be at the mercy of their creation which at that time will not have an ‘off switch.' Their primary focus would be to ensure their survival and improve their capabilities to create a fitting society for themselves. The power of their autonomy and intelligence will be unreachable for humans, and that spells disaster for the future of humanity.
A ‘new form of life' will be competing for the control of the resources of the world. If machines are more intelligent than us, they are likely to colonize the planet for their preservation. We shall be their subjects or worse resources to manage their existence. Humans will have another competitor with a higher intelligence competing to exist. Resources are limited, and the lion's share will belong to whoever will have higher intelligence and undoubtedly these machines will carry the day. Their intelligence and adaptations will prompt them to create a world suitable for themselves which may not necessarily be good for humans.
Access to vast amounts of information and high processing power will be a significant threat to humans. Information is power, and these machines will undoubtedly be very powerful. They will have access to all human-generated information through a network, and their processing power will give them an edge over human brain. If they design algorithms to protect their interests with...

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