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Government surveillance Argument Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


The main argument I chose to focus on is should government have more control or surveillance over online security. The side I want to stand is Yes, government should have more protection, because people’s identity or money linked to online bank might be stolen, etc...


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Government surveillance
Given the current technological advancements, people have increased the rate at which they access the internet. Such internet offers plenty of benefits such as communication and a platform for research. Equally, the internet has various disadvantages, some of which can be controlled while others are unavoidable. In an attempt to curb the negative impacts of the internet, governments and other bodies have resulted in the surveillance of all online activities. Government surveillance is carried out by bodies such as the GBI and the NSA. The act of carrying out mass surveillance differ from one nation to another, depending on their judicial laws and regulations. This means that the government can have access to every person's information, no matter how private it is. Some people consider this kind of surveillance as a way of intruding into someone's privacy without their permission and hence rebuke the act. However, the government should have more control over online security since it helps in fighting terrorism, preventing social unrest and crime, controlling the population, and protecting national security.

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