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The Anti-hero Narratives In Film: American Society Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


1.16 pages of text (PLUS bibliography) and 20 pages of text (PLUS bibliography) for a total of 18-22 pages; the Works Cited Page should consist of no fewer than 15-20 sources, with an emphasis on secondary sources.
2. Be sure you at least mention at some point the anti-hero tradition that started in the 1950's with movies like "Rebel Without a Cause" and "The Wild One.
3. Include more anti-hero topic movie as primary source to support your view point.
4. The source should include articles found in EBSCO, JSTOR, OR others databases


 The Anti-hero narratives in film: how it became popular in American society




  1. Topic: How did the anti-hero narratives became popular in America


  1. Background (one key bit of contextual information): The transition of worship from heroism to anti-heroism


  1. Problem (recurring pattern or issue that will be your focus): The development of different kinds of narratives in anti-hero


  1. Thesis: Anti-hero narratives with no clear heroic morality became popular in American films in the 1900's as audiences related the anti-hero stories in real lives and realized that justice can be understood in many ways


Body Sections:

I. First main idea to support the thesis: Anti hero can make people relate to their own experiences.

A. Evidence (most likely primary sources, includes statistics)

1. Illustration/Example: Rebel Without A Cause Movie


2. Illustration/Example: Baer, William. “On Rebel without a Cause: A Conversation with Stewart Stern.” Michigan Quarterly Review


B. Support (most likely secondary sources)

1. One key supporting quote or paraphrase

“I think it did. At thirty-two I certainly wasn't a kid any more, but I'd never been able to shake my own high school experiences. They were still very fresh in my mind. I clearly remembered my youthful, romantic idealization of certain high school kids who were older than I was--or who were more athletic than I was.” (Baer)


2. One key supporting quote or paraphrase

“So I went down to juvenile hall, and the first kid I interviewed was a famous actor's son, who'd just gotten out of jail. He'd been in a lot of trouble, and he'd had a really heartbreaking experience with his father when he left the facility. I learned a great deal talking with him. So, every night, from around five o'clock into the early morning, I was at Juvenile Hall, and they gave me a clipboard” (Baer)




II. Another main idea to support the thesis:

Anti-hero became popular because people transform the worship of classic hero to anti-hero after the war.

A. Evidence (most likely primary sources, includes statistics)

1. Illustration/Example: Ricks, Christopher. “On Heroes and Anti-Hero-Worship.” Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics


2. Illustration/Example: Linenthal, Edward Tabor. “FROM HERO TO ANTI-HERO: The Transformation of the Warrior in Modern America.” Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal


B. Support (most likely secondary sources)

1. One key supporting quote or paraphrase

“It is within the context of these post-war models that the ritual and rhythm of American war would be destroyed, and the warriors would take on shapes never before associated with American classic warriors” (Linenthal)


2. One key supporting quote or paraphrase

“Carlyle had seen the truth of heroes because he understood

 that though there are other choices of life deserving of our

 respect and even of our worship? “ (Ricks)


II. One last main idea to support your thesis:

Anti-hero became so popular in America is because justice and right can be understood in different ways.

A. Evidence (most likely primary sources, includes statistics)

1. Illustration/Example: Horkuc, Hasan. "Is Justice Binary? Absolute and Relative Justice in the Teachings of Said Nursi." Asian Journal of Social Science


2. Illustration/Example: Smilansky, Saul. “Is Justice Binary?: A Free-Will-Related Exploration.” Metaphilosophy.



B. Support (most likely secondary sources)

1. One key supporting quote or paraphrase

“I've seen ordinary people take matters into their own hands and good cops do bad things when their morality is relative and, further, predicated on a broken system of law and justice." (Kinnard)


2. One key supporting quote or paraphrase

“First, we saw that something can be both just and unjust. If our initial interpretation of binarity were as ‘‘either/or’’ then justice would not be binary in this sense. Second, we saw the possibility of arguing for the claim that something might be in some sense within the scope of justice, that it makes sense to apply notions of justice and injustice to it, and nevertheless be neither just nor unjust.(Smilansky)



Write a simple sentence here explaining what you hope to have proven by the time you come to the end of your 20-page paper.

I want to prove the reasons that anti-hero became popular in America are, it relates to realty, Americans worship of hero and the binary of justice.


The Anti-hero narratives in film: how it became popular in American society
The concept of heroism and anti-heroism can well be discussed from different perspectives such as sociological, historical, ethical, political as well as psychological dimensions. From the initial perception, all the characters in opposition to the hero always seem to be anti-hero. However, there is the aspect whereby the various protagonists are referred to as anti-hero by critics after detailed analysis. There is the relationship that exists between a sense of duty and ethics, from such a perspective, the consideration of hero in legends as well as epics is seen as the medium that sets the level of role models in the society (Vermeulen et al. 10). Such settings result in antihero that focuses on the negatives of heroism fitting best to the uncertainty of wars whereby the theme of individual anti-heroism prevails.

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