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Analytical Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


research paper guidelines
due date 07/23/2015
Topics are generated EXCLUSIVELY from chapters 19 and 20 from your text.They Say, I Say (with readings), Graff, Birkenstein, Durst. isbn 9780393937510.We will go through a step-by-step process to create a thesis statement, an effective hook and introduction, strong, relevant body paragraphs, and a memorable conclusion. We will also use , editing, peer-editing, and MLA documentation style.
You may write on SOME ASPECT of chapter 19, "What's Up With the American Dream?" OR "What's Gender Got To Do With It?" You must have at least 8 sources total and 3 of these MUST be text readings
analytical research paper I'll be looking for:
1. 3,600 to 4,000 words, which translates to 12 or 13 typed pages.
2. At least 8 sources from library databases.
3. Please use official MLA documentation format.
4. A single claim statement that you have UNDERLINED for emphasis. It needs to encompass the entire idea of the research paper as well as your OPINION or stance on the issues raised.
* list 1.
due date July 16/2015 
A.Please write a detailed outline that discusses your plan for research. The basic guideline for this outline is as follows:
revised claim statement:
1. Introduction
idea for hook
2. Body paragraph #1
idea + explanation
3. body paragraph #2
idea + explanation
4. body paragraph #3
(and on like this... who knows how many body paragraphs you'll actually have in a 12-page paper)
5. Conclusion
ideas + explanation
*list 2. due date July 17/2015
* LIST 3 DUE DATE JULY 17/2015
Do your best to capture the spirit of these three articles and some of the detail without quoting verbatim! It would be best to do this without looking at the text too much... Please write for about 1 to 2 pages page (400 - 600 words), double-spaced
*list 4 due date July 17/2015
*list 5 due date July 20/2015
What was particularly interesting about the description used? Give me two verbatim examples of strong description, and then EXPLAIN why those exact quotes were so affecting. Be interesting, be interesting, be interesting!
Use examples and use attribution clauses like, "According to Oates,"
Also, what was Oates trying to say in this essay? What is the tone or emotion behind the essay?
I'm looking for about 250 words, typed and double-spaced.
*list 6 due date is July 22/2015
Using the handout describing P. I.E. (point-illustration-explanation) please REWRITE two of your paragraphs from your 5-page draft that need work. Please include the ORIGINAL and then directly underneath, the rewrite so that it looks like this:
1. original paragraph
2. revised paragraph with P.I.E. applied
3. original paragraph #2
4. revised paragraph #2 with P.I.E. applied
The length of this assignment will vary depending on the length of your original paragraphs, but I expect to see at least 2 double-spaced pages for this whole assignment.
*list 7
work cite page due date 07/23/2015
thank you very much

Increase of Wealth Disparity and How This Affects the Economic Status of Individuals Living in the United States
The American dream remains a beacon of hope to the public, parents and the youth who are hopeful to someday break through the ranks achieve their dreams of a good sustainable life. This paper will try to give an insight on the effect of the American reality versus the American dream, focusing on rising economic inequality and opportunities alike especially in United States. Even though there is the worldwide proliferation particularly in terms of the social movements that have focused on inequality, economic inequality is still an issue that has been widely politicized. Furthermore, it has been analyzed in depth through a bi-partisan kind of analysis that seeks to find out why economic inequality is increasing. When the financial crisis occurred in 2008, the total amount of wealth that was owned shot up, the economic inequality rose in a questionable manner, and the rates that were seen in the United States rose to an all-time high. With the American dream remaining a valid influence in the perceptions and choices made by, particularly young generation, there are lots at stake that make one ask. Is this “American dream” really a valid basis upon which some vital life decisions should be made?
The article looks at the issues presented with regards to economic inequalities and opportunities. The idea of achieving the American Dream has been perceived by optimists as the key force that make the citizenry hopeful and is the motivating force behind every youth’s aspiration to attend the top colleges and later get good jobs. Critics, however, see it as the main force of distraction from the American realities and blame the concept of “American dream” not able to mesh with the realities of America.
Policy makers are perceived to make the day to day decisions based on the concept of this sought-after objective, American dream. The federal government tried to repair the financial market that was collapsing by implementing policies that are perceived to give a lifeline to this concept, in the process forgetting to address the real issues such as unemployment investment capital availability and as a result, the people of America lived in a system that was cyclical. Moreover, it is perpetuated that the wealth accumulations lead to political power accumulation which has a negative impact to the society as a whole, a wrong effect of the dream. This paper will give an analysis of the impact of this dream on participation, income, and income inequality through presenting empirical work that is new and goes beyond the existing research and opinions of the article “ What’s Up With The American Dream?. The paper will also address the possibilities and advantages that are possible should people and policy makers abandon thesis concept of the American dream. Therefore, the argument that I present is that when it comes to wealth, it is much more indicative because it focuses on the wellbeing of an individual as well as their opportunity source as compared to income. This argumentative perspective will draw from political science and economics so that economic inequality and income can be linked to the effects it might have on participation.
The article ‘What’s Up with the American Dream?’ tries to show that there has been a sharp increase in the income inequality especially in the United States therefore various studies have been conducted based on the concerns related to this problem. Various researchers like (Banting et al. 67) have tried to explore the relationship that exists between revolutionary activity American possibilities and income inequality across various countries. He further investigated the link between con...
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