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All Night - A TV Series Produced by Ubaldi (Research Paper Sample)


This is my last research for final. There is a order which includes your answers to the questions below, a ref- erence to relevant data, and presents your own conclusions. (You turn in the paper AND data chart.)
And there is a way for grading. I will upload a file for it, so you have to consider the order and needs to follow every questions in the guide.


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All Night
All Night is a TV series produced by Ubaldi, Brian Dannelly, Shelley Zimmerman, Jordan Levin, Brett Bouttier, and Joe Davola. The show premiered on May 11th 2018 exclusively on Hulu in collaboration with awesomeness TV. There is only 10 episodes available about the show and I have watched all of them totaling to 233 minutes. The series does not provide details on the rating regarding appropriate audience maybe probably it is streamed from a subscriber platform, Hulu. The first season has 11 series and they were all released on may 11th 2018. The premise of the TV series is the night after graduating where the graduating class have a night where they are trying to create and relive their memories of their high school and make their dreams to come true. All the events are mainly organized within the campus and specifically in the graduation hall where the main party takes place. They are not supposed to bring their phones to the hall nor any drugs or alcohol. Needless to say, sex is prohibited and the administration goes to great lengths to keep the event orderly and ‘fun’. However, the students manage to sneak alcohol and other drugs in the hall and they engage in sex. Some students also do a lot of oral sex and though while others plan for violence as a means of revenge against some of their classmates. Amid the games, the show features a lot of implied sex, alcohol, drugs and violence. The casting is fairly of a uniform population consisting of graduating seniors except for a few workers. There is also very minimal diversity that features few blacks though they do not suffer any attributable tragedy related to their race. The show is also not rated by any visible V Chip standard though (Joy Gabrielli, Aminata Traore and Mike Stoolmiller) observed that TV Parental Guidelines ratings were ineffective in discriminating shows for 3 out of 4 behaviors studied.
Data Chart
Number of instances
Screen time
Description/ context
Consequences shown
1 sexually explicit scene
9 oral sex scenes
Many dialogues involving sexual content. Often obscene and using strong language
1:00 for the sexually explicit scene
4:00 oral sex scenes
Better part of each episode features dialogues related to sex either directly or indirect
One of the girls wanted to consummate her relationship before she cleared high school with her boyfriend. However, the scene was interrupted by a phone call.
Oral sex is mostly kissing between the gay ladies featured in the series. There are also few instances of other actors kissing.
Better part of the series is built around the relationship of the high schoolers and they cannot help but discuss it during the night in the hall.
There are also condoms shown and some students implicitly use them from the depiction of the scene.
None of the scene show an element of bad consequences. In most cases, they keep encouraging each other to go and ‘make out’ with their partners. There is no distinguishable consequences which can be directly related to the sex scenes featured. Actually, the other actors encourage their friends to do it or ‘go for it’
A priest beats up a villager for disrespecting him
A girl hits a boy in the groin area for insulting her.
In the first instance, the administrator steps in and condemns beating a villager whilst instead the person would be acting as the leader.
In the second, there are no consequences shown. Actually, the crown cheers

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