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Information about my Career Interest and the Type of Work (Research Paper Sample)


Description about myself: im 19 years old, my major is mechanical engineering. I graduated from highschool back home at kuwait, and im continuing my career at fullerton college right now. My hobbies are boxing, soccer. Boxing most because i its been 3 years of training. Im going to open a garage in the future, if i finished and took my degree.

Course Title:
Part 1: About Myself
I am 19 years old. I graduated from high school at Kuwait my home country. Mechanical engineering is my major and I am going on with my career studies at the Fullerton College for the time being. My hobbies are soccer and boxing. I like boxing most since I have been attending the boxing training for the last three years. As an aspiring mechanical engineer, I have the following interests; investigative interest and I thus like to find out the facts and thus understand problems mentally instead of leading or persuading people. My other interest is being realistic in that I like activities that involve practical and applied challenges and solutions. Enterprising is as well my interest and this is demonstrated in my objective to establish a garage in the future and also I prefer deed instead of thought.
My career values include the following; first, I value support since I believe that a supportive management in my workplace will assist me in working for the best results. Second, I possess relationships value because I trust that this will allow me to offer better service to others and work with my colleagues in an environment that is non- competitive as well as friendly. Independence is my other career value and is because I can be able to make my own decisions and work on my own as I possess creativity and responsibility skills. Achievement is yet another factor that I value for my career. This is because I am result oriented and it is also a value that can enable me to use my strongest ability to ensure I achieve the best. In my career, working condition is a value that I highly consider since a good working condition is an assurance of health and job security.
Part 2: Information about my career interest and the type of work I would like to be in the next five years
Mechanical engineering is the career that I am pursuing. It is one of the oldest, broadest and largest disciplines of engineering. Mechanical engineers apply principles of mechanics, materials and energy to manufacture as well as design machines and all types of devices. They develop the systems and processes that run the industry and technology. Mechanical engineering is characterized by individuality, flexibility and breadth. The mechanical engineer’s career paths are determined largely by individual preferences, a decided benefit in the changing world. A vital trait for the mechanical engineers is enthusiasm in problem solving. Creativity is required to drive a hypothetical device into a useful reality. This requires the mechanical engineers to investigate, design, create, construct and test the different devices.
I have great hope that in the next five years I will have completed my mechanical engineering course. After completion my academics from the Fullerton College, I would like to join the workforce in the automotive industry of the mechanical engineering field in order for me to practically apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the college and more so to gain experience that will aid me in my future business that I intend to start. The type of work I would like to do is the designing and manufacturing of vehicles and producing the internal combustion engines. I as well desire to work in the motor vehicles distribution sector.
Part 3: The institution I would like to transfer to and the qualifications to take me ther...
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