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Effects Global warming (Research Paper Sample)


Write the research paper on the topic using sources. you should be constructing an argument about your topic.The thesis of paper should be original. It does not have to be a pro or con argument necessarily; it can be a subtle argument.You should utilize the tools of persuasion (ethos, pathos, and logos) to convince your audience of your purpose. You should not explicitly use the terms ethos, pathos, and logos, but all of those elements should be there.I have attached 5 sources.You can use 2 more sources from any academic source.

Effects of Global Warming
Global warming refers to the situation where the general temperatures of the earth rise steadily. Though debates have always come up with an attempt of finding out the causes of global warming, I am convinced far and away that the acts of the human kind play a role in global warming. The effects of global warming refer to the happenings that come about due to global warming. Scientists have always held the opinion that the effects of global warming will come into existence in the years to come. Nevertheless, our planet earth seems to have got it wrong this time round, because the effects of global warming are already visible. To make matters worse, they are worse than was expected. This research paper seeks to shed more light on some of the effects of global warming.
The first effect of global warming is the rise in water levels. It has been observed that the water levels in the seas have risen by an average of 13 feet. This is majorly due to the high temperatures that melt the snow at the poles (Tjoelker 740). An example is the state of events at the Antarctic and Green land. In both situations, the presence of snow has massively reduced due to the high temperatures. Once snow melts, it turns into water and flows directly into the seas thereby increasing the water level in the seas, lakes and oceans (Revkin 19). The reduction in snow can even be witnessed at the Alps ranges in Europe as well as the rise in water levels of the nearby lakes.
In addition to the rise in water levels, global warming has resulted into the occurrence of adverse weather conditions. An example is the most recent Hurricane Sandy, which was unexpected and resulted into loss of both lives and property. Though it has not been proven, it is believed that the recent Haiyan Typhoon, which affected close to five million people in the Philippines, happened because of global warming (Washington Post). Due to global warmi...
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