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The Human Rights Act 1998 (Research Paper Sample)

I need a Draft by Thursday evening (within 24 hrs) to know you are on the right track! Writer you are to: Assess the validity of the statement: "The Human Rights Act has revolutionized the way in which Judges interpret statutes" ****Please Note**** Topic:\"The Human Rights Act has revolutinized the way in which judges interpret statutes\" ****THIS IS UK LAW ONLY*** 1.This Research Essay must be 7 pages 2.Bibliography 3.Essay must be written using 1.5 spacing ***The additional 3 pages is to answer the following questions*** 1.What were your initial impressions of the issues posed and to what extent did your understanding of the issues changed as you carried out your research? 2. Explain how you found source material.Which sources were of most use in constructing your essay? Rank these sources in terms of their authority and ease of understanding. 3. Outline your conclusions and explain the extent to which they are justified by arguments from the sources you have identified. 4. If you were to undertake the same research exercise tomorrow what, if anything, would you do differently? PLEASE, NO ONLINE SOURCES! Dear Writer, This paper is to assess the validity of the statement: "The Human Rights Act has revolutionized the way in which judges interpret statutes" This is UK LAW Thank you source..
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The Human Rights Act 1998
Question 1
The Human Rights Act 1998 is one of the most analyzed topics with regards to the United Kingdom legal system and environment. The act - which became functional in October of 2000 - received its Royal Assent on the 9th day of November in 1998. It is also important to note that the act is as a result of the effective functionality of the parliament of United Kingdom. There were different goals to be accomplished through the implementation of the Human Rights Act but the main aim was to ensure that the law in the United Kingdom was well versed with the fundamental freedoms and human rights presented in the European Convention of Human. After the implementation of the Human Rights Act, courts in the United Kingdom were provided with the power to intervene in conventional rights cases. Before the act was implemented, the various cases which involved the breach of convention rights had to be handled in the European Court of Human Rights located in Strasbourg. The European Convention of Human Rights is the represents the core within the analysis of the impact of the Human Rights Act of 1998 in the interpretation of law by judges and other sections of the judiciary (Hickman and Craig)
Before the implementation of the act, the involvement of judges with in matters shaping up or concerned to the European Convention on Human Rights was maintained at minimum level. Most of the judges were in possession of background information with regards to the convention but there was very little with regards to practical activities taking place within the various courts and judicial institutions. It is important to assess the European Convention on Human Rights in handling the topic presented in the impact of the Human Rights Act on the interpretation of law by judges (Lairg, Andrew and Irvine).
Formally referred to as the convention for the protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the European Convention on Human Rights is one of the world`s most renowned international treaties. Within the legal arena, it is among the top most discussed treaties that have impacted the interpretation of law in the United Kingdom and Europe at large. The treaty has a rich history which dates back to the year 1950 when it was being drafted. The Council of Europe is an international European organization whose main aim is to establish and constantly develop the cooperation of countries within the European continent with regards to the rule of law, human rights, cultural cooperation, democratic development, and the legal standards. Today, there are 47 member states that shape up the Council of Europe. Due to the fact that this council is concerned with the interpretation of law within its member states, there have been different adjustments made with regards to how judges interpret the law within the various member states. The interpretation of law within the various member state...
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