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Parental Involvement And Academic Achievement Are Positively Correlated (Research Paper Sample)


Advocate more parental involvement in order to bring better children achievement based on my another essay.


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15th November 2018
Parental Involvement and Academic Achievement are positively correlated
Academicians, scholars and researchers have for long investigated the relationship between parental involvement and academic achievement. One such study was conducted by Griffith who sought to establish the association between parental involvement and academic performance. The study findings suggested that it was possible to precisely project the benchmarks for parental participation, and student empowerment (1). The researcher conducted a multi-regression on the data and established that parental participation significantly varied when standardized performance tests were used. Similarly, the regression analyses also revealed that parental empowerment varied when data from standardized tests was used. In both cases, parental involvementranged between 25% and 5% respectively.
On the other hand, the study established a positive association between test performance and parental involvement thus further affirming the direct impact of parental involvement on student achievement. It was also ascertained that the relationship was unaffected by other research variables such as social economic, race and ethnicity (33). Furthermore, the study determined that parental participation can be leveraged at the grassroots level since it is cost effective and has numerous effects on student achievement. For instance, the research established that parental participation is pivotal for effective teaching as it was linked to high student achievement. The study suggested three ways through which schools could boost parental involvement in their children’s education. These three are involvement in extra-curriculum activities, classroom related work and active engagement in parental groups (33). The study also confirmed that parental involvement in their children’s school related activities enhanced their academic performance. Thus it suggested that educators should consider incorporation of parental involvement initiatives in the educational system since it was the most cost effective way of improving teaching and learning (33)
In a similar study, Benner, Aprile, Boyle and Sadler investigated the relationship between parental involvement and academic performance among adolescent students. The study also explored the link between parental involvement, prior achievement and the effect of other social economic factors (1053). The findings linked parental participation in the education of adolescent students to high academic achievement. The participants were mainly drawn from primary and secondary schools. The sampled students were studied to establish how their performance was impacted by the involvement or non-involvement of their parents in their education (1055). It emerged that long term effects of parental involvement in the education of their children were still unknown. Furthermore, the study investigated the relationship between parental involvement and other four factors. Besides, it also sought to determine if the relationship varied or remained constant regardless of the change in socio-economic status and parental expectations. The study utilized a large sample size of N=15, 240 that was constituted from a study population of 10th grade students (1056). The sample comprised of female and male participants who were either white, African American, Latino, Asian American and small percentage of other race/ethnicity.A longitudinal study designanddata from a survey that was previously conducted 2002 were used. The study findings showed that there was a significant association between school-based involvement and parental educational expectations (1060). Still, it also confirmed that there was a direct relationship between p...

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