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Osama Bin Laden - A Renowned Terrorist. Law Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


the paper is for my criminal justice 120(global terrorism) class. i didnt find it in the option you guys gave so i chose law.


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Osama Bin Laden
Osama was a renowned terrorist whom the United States of America (USA) stayed for over a decade before finding and killing him. In 1957, at place known as Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a boy was born. Mohammed Awad bin Laden, Osama’s father, was a billionaire who gained his wealth due to his excellent construction work and loyalty to the king. The government recognized him for his expertise in architect, and he did not charge exorbitant prices as compared to his competitors. Alia Ghanem was the mother of Osama, who came from Syria. She was the fourth wife of Mohammed, and they divorced while Osama was a very young boy. As such, Ghanem took Osama with him, after which she got married to Mohammed al-Attas (CNN). Osama grew up in Jeddah with his four step-siblings. The death of his biological father occurred when he was only 11-years-old in a crash that involved a helicopter. Osama bin Laden was known for his extremist attacks against the USA, and he significantly contributed to global terrorism.

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