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Government: Understanding Executive Orders (Research Paper Sample)


The Issue: To research, and discover credible reliable information and be able to ascertain the truth and not be manipulated or persuaded without being educated.
Research: Research ALL the following sections. Please refer to the syllabus for all requirements, formats, and due date.
Analysis: Please research, site examples and analyze all sections by using multiple political sources from different political perspectives. The more thorough the research paper, the better the chance of receiving a higher grade.
Section 1: Find out who your politicians are based on your domicile and Discuss your Local, State and Federal Politicians. (Lemoore, California) (kings county)
Section 2: Discuss Executive Orders
Section 3: Discuss Judges (Federal and State) and judicial activism vs. judicial restraint
Section 4: Discuss one example of abuse of power.
Section 5: a. fisa warrant / dossier / FBI / email scandal
b. agenda 21
c. Benghazi / Fast and furious
Conclusion: What have your learned completing this assignment? Discuss.


Being a resident of Lemoore, my research is about the state of California, specifically King County. King County is one a Counties in California in the southern part of the US. Lemoore is one of the cities within King County. Other nearby cities are Avenal, Corcoran, Hardwick California and Grangeville California. Lemoore is a general law city, as required by law; Lemoore is governed by the city manager appointed by the city council, made up of five members who elect the city mayor. The current mayor of Lemoore is Mayor Ray Madrigal (King County2).
The city of Lemoore forms part of the famous Hanford-Corcoran Metropolitan area and was named after a Frenchman Dr. Lee Moore, who first made this place his home after exploring America (Kings County2). The five city council members are elected to serve for four years, which includes the mayor, Ray Madrigal, other members who serve in the council are Council Member Holly Andrade Blair, Council Member David Brown, Council Member Jeff Chedester and Tem Eddie Neal (Kings County2).
King County is also governed by five members known as the board of supervisors elected by district officials, who serves on a four-year term (Kings County4). The current board supervisors are Richard Valle, the chairman and also acts as a supervisor, Joe Neve is the vice chairman, other supervisors are Craig Pederson, Richard Fagundes, and Doug Verboon (King County4). The county administrative officer is Rebecca Campbell. The legislature of California comprises of 40 state senators with 80 assembly members. King County is represented by Andy Vidak a Republican, the assembly district is represented by Rudy Salas a Democrat. In the House of Representatives, Kings County is represented by Republican David Valadao (Kings County5).
Understanding executive orders
Executive orders are directive issued by the president; the power is extended to the federal and state officials to help in their daily operations of the federal, state and local governments. Executive orders are more like directive issued by Governor to state agencies on what is to be accomplished. Although California is known to have a large water body, water levels have been diminishing; water is a scarce natural resource. In the last few years, many cities in California experienced drought caused by persistent warmer winter temperature (Palazzo, et al. 46) As a result, an executive order was issued by the Governor.
Governor Edmund Brown signed an executive order B-37-16 instructing state agencies to adopt better usage of water by adopting a more durable approach. Another executive order issued was B-40-17, the governor lifting drought emergency and retaining the prohibition on wasteful practices. Emergency drinking water projects have been installed to address the diminishing groundwater supplies (Tortajada, Cecilia, et al. 106).
California is among the many states that have taken action towards climate change; the governor signed an executive order to increase the supply of zero-emission from vehicles (Kings County 5). In the executive order, a detailed plan to invest $ 1.25 billion in cap-and-trade auction proceeds is meant to reduce carbon pollution and improve public health and the environment. The executive order is aimed at curbing carbon pollution in California to improve the quality of air (Kings County 5).
Apart from environmental concerns, King County has been keen on upholding citizens' rights, the King County issued an executive order appointing medical examiners to further re-investigate the causes and circumstances of deaths of any law enforcement officer and deaths caused by law enforcers while on duty (Kings County 3). Through an executive order, a six-member jury ...

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