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Software Problem And Providing Solutions (Research Paper Sample)


Your report should be minimum 4 double-spaced pages in length, excluding the cover sheet and bibliography. Your report must be typewritten, must use a 12 point font and 1" margins. Each page (other than the cover sheet) should include a footer with your first initial and last name(s) left justified (e.g., M. Tavakolan), and the page number (e.g., "Page 1") right justified. It should clearly documented per the university writing guidelines, and must use proper spelling, grammar. The research paper should present professional and scholarly conclusions with convincing evidence. The research topics must be approved prior to conducting a research, except the paper #1 which has been detailed below.
You need to present your papers. It should be a 7-minute presentation and you need to upload your video into the blackboard.
• Your report is required to reference sources upon which you based your paper. Sources should not include marketing or advertising literature. Your sources must be organized in a bibliography, and all references must be cited in your paper. References in the bibliography must be prepared according to one of the standard style sheets (e.g., MLA, APA, IEEE, ACM).



Research Paper 

IT and Computer on a Software Problem and Providing the Solutions

Information Technology has come a long way in the past era and has made a lot of changes in current times. More upgrades are being processed as the days go by and the internet has never been this accessible and globally connected to the world as in the ages past. Nowadays, one click of the keyboard and a person can go as far as Russia to work on a research paper. However, the computer is not perfect and also has its own setbacks. It has limitations and at times could cause such problems that could affect an individual’s life. A Software is defined as referring to computer instructions and a collection or storage of data. According to Beal V. that anything which could be kept or stored electronically is software as opposed to storage devices and display gadgets which are termed as hardware. Oftentimes, a computer problem occurs when for example you are rushing to submit your assignment then the screen suddenly turns blank or an error suddenly appears and you could no longer continue with your project. This is the time when there is a need to troubleshoot and find the dilemma at hand. Thus, this paper will discuss a computer software problem, elaborate on its advantages, disadvantages or how it affects the computer and how it could be solved. Likewise, the solution will be deciphered accurately and thoroughly so as to leave no room for mistakes and to help the readers in attaining the proper knowledge in solving software issues.
The Blue Screen of Death Software Problem

The central focus of this paper is on discussing the answers and solutions for the much hated a worrisome software problem which is the Blue Screen of Death otherwise called as BSoD. Blue is a calming color but there is nothing calm when the Blue Screen of Death Strikes. It is actually one of the worst kind of problems one could ever encounter and the latter must be immediately rebooted. Usually, this kind of error happens when there are branches of issues and dilemma such as hardware that is already failing, a damaged software, DLL files that have been corrupted and lastly are issues with drivers (Beal V.). There is a need to find the original problem in order to fix the blue or blank screen and continue the computer processing. Furthermore, at such instance that the color becomes blue, the screen will immediately provide with codes and commands that could help immediately solve or fix the computer. Fisher T. adds that the name was only popularized for what it really means such as “STOP MESSAGE or STOP ERROR”. At other times it is called a screen of doom, system crash, kernel error or blue screen error. It happens in all computers with Windows Program whether it be seven or eight. Once the Blue screen appears, the system bugs down and the contents on the desktop vanishes putting a stop to the system. The whole program malfunctions until the problem have been solved. It does not really mean dead and must not be interpreted literally. More basic is that everything has been suddenly put to a halt, the work a person is doing on the computer, all the programs and everything connected to the operating system. At such point, it is hopeless to end the error, save the data or exit the computer. When this happens, it also means that something is gravely wrong with the computer and is required to be fixed otherwise the whole system including the hardware and the computer itself will never function and everything has stopped. Furthermore, every problem has its own solution. It does not have to be so overly complicated but simplicity could be the answer to the dead screen situation. At this point where we will see who our true friends are. The...

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