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Treaty of versailles (Research Paper Sample)


Start with a good hook. A little background of world war 1 and then focus towards the treaty and in the end give outcomes of treaty. focus towards the terms and restrictions of Treaty and important people who influenced the treaty.

Treaty of Versailles
The treaty of Versailles was established and implemented following the First World War, which had persisted between Germany and the allied powers. Research asserts that the war affected many countries in the world including the European countries, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The general causes of the war-included nationalism where some nations felt that they were superior to others in terms of development and that raising war would strengthen their fame on global dominance (Kojevnikov 264). Secondly, imperialism was another cause of the war where nations demeaned others on grounds of human inequality and territory. Militarism is the third aspect of First World War, where some countries indulged into the war to proof the strength of their armed forces over their counterparts. Finally, other countries formed alliances to endorse the performance of an action through the war.
These are the main causes of First World War where persistence of the countries in the war enhanced sophistication of issues leading to unsolvable disputes and hate among the nations. Unfortunately, history indicates that the war turned the world into a land or poverty, property destruction, currency lost value, excessive bloodshed and death (Cline 45). The research seeks to investigate the formation of Versailles treaty and its approach towards the challenges enhanced by First World War.
Background: World War
The factors that forced the allied powers to wedge the war against Germany began with a dispute that rose between Austrian Hungary and Serbia after assassination of the inspector general Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Duchess. The crime occurred at Sarajevo. Analysis asserts that the political aspect of the murder was to join the southern provinces of Austria with Yugoslavia where adequate equipment of the assassinator was enhance by the Serbia armed forces through training and armament with weapons (Koremenos 202). History shows that the assassinator included five Serbians and one Bosnia. Austria-Hungary worsened relation with Serbia towards this death since they felt demeaned and that it was a national attack.
It ended up into a war between Austria and Serbia that persistent for a long period and Germany indulged into war as an ally to Austria-Hungary to fight against the Serbians. The indulgence of the Germany into the war did not provide a remedy to the Austria’s temper toward the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Additionally, Germany had hacked a submarine ship for the allied powers where this enhanced bad relation between Germany and the western nations. Because of the acts of Germany, the western nations concluded that it was the cause of the war and formed the allied powers to fight it since in addition it had invaded the neutral Belgium (Kojevnikov 254).
The allied powers included the British, France, and Russia where other nation judged the matter and concluded...
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