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Terry Fox (Research Paper Sample)

I would like you to talk about Terry Fox and what Terry Fox did to Canada. What legacy he lift and why Terry Fox should be remembered. I need three references and very clear thesis statement. source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Terry Fox Terry Fox is one of the popular Canadian athletes who were born on July 1958 in Winnipeg located in Manitoba. Fox was the brother to Fred who was the elder brother in a family of three. He also had a younger brother Darrell and a sister Judith as explained by Allison and Goethals (p125). During his early age, his family was forced to relocate to Surrey, a place located within the British Colombian where they later resettled within the Port Coquitlam two years later. Just like any child from a loving family, Fox got the required parental care from the mother, who dedicated almost her life and undertaking to her family (Trottier, p4). Because of the encouragement that Fox learnt from the mother of being dedicated to any activity he involved in, he developed the spirit of becoming a sportsman. His commitment on various activities that he was involved in, were echoed by his father who confirmed that Terry hated giving up and losing in his activities.During his early life as a child, Terry loved sport in general and played various sporting activities. For instance, apart from the love he had in athletes, he also played basketball, rugby and football. It is also necessary to learn that he also had a passion for sport despite his short height of only 5 feet, which is not the required height for one to become one of the best basketball players as dreamt by Fox (Scrivener, p134). He also got the opportunity of attaining his education during his early life as a teenager. For instance, he studied as at Marry Hill one of the junior High School in Canada. It is during his time in school when he realized his talent of becoming an athlete. He later joined the school team and became one of the best long distance runners at the time. Although he lacked interest in long races in spite loving sport, but in order to please his school trainer who happened to be the school team coach, he took up the task to become a long distance runner. However, he concentrated much in playing football rather than participating in athletes. He later joined Simon Fraser University for his further studies to pursue kinesiology (Allison and Goethals, p154). Even after joining university, he continued with his quest of becoming one of the best basketball players in the world.One day, as Fox was driving back home, he got in an accident, which resulted to some pain on the right leg and later developed as cancer (Scrivener, p214). This forced his doctor to cut one of his legs, the right leg as a form of cancer treatment. Although he doubted his career as an athlete by the time his leg was to be cut, but through reading different literature about sport and some of the people who have made it in sport with one leg, he got encouraged and faced the challenge with a lot of confident (Trottier, p9). For instance, he was encouraged by one of the stories he read about an amputee athlete who had run and completed the New York race in marathon...
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