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Orwell’s texts and posters during the Spanish Civil War (Research Paper Sample)


1. Read Turabian's Student's Guide To Writing College Papers, pp. 44-55. Focus specifically on the importance of primary sources and ways to evaluate sources for your research.
2. Read Orwell, chs. 1-9 .
3. Look at the posters available on this site: https://bir(dot)brandeis(dot)edu/handle/10192/25550
Search for 2 posters (primary sources!) on the site by using the search tool on the top right (Limit to "This collection"!) and trying to locate posters specifically on Barcelona and/or P.O.U.M. (or different factions) that might have been active while Orwell was there in late 1936/1937. The posters might be in Spanish and you might need to look up on Google Translate what they say — or you might need to think about what the visuals are trying to convey.
Think about our discussions on the uses of propaganda during these months of the Civil War and how these posters might convey ideas/themes that we have encountered in our readings — especially in Orwell and Graham. You might need to go back to these texts, as you search these posters, to review some of these themes.
Start your response with your thesis sentence, no introduction, please. Do not write on any topics or on the general Spanish civil war as we have not yet finished covering it. Limit your self to a reading of Orwell and posters and connect Orwell's book to whats shown on posters.
As your response, post the posters you selected and a short, well-composed thesis (a few sentences might do) that might be built around these posters and the Orwell and/or Graham texts we have discussed in class so far.
Give this some thought before you post, as this will be the topic of the first paper.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
A connection between Orwell’s texts and posters during the Spanish Civil War
The essay aims at harmonizing Orwell’s or Graham’s texts with the advertisements that were in existence during the Spanish Civil war. The creation of this harmony will use selected chapters attached in the main document. The special collections sector of Brandeis University is a range of materials regarding the Spanish civil war. Many historians conclude that the Spanish Civil War caused more damage than expected. The poster collection regarding the civil war contains over 250 “anti-fascist posters” that were carried home or posted by Americans who were volunteers during the Spanish War. These posters served as encouragement for people against the Spanish takeover. Even though the creation of placards was for commercial use, it was still a means to an end for a more significant course. The streamlined agenda was to gather people against the fascist rule by the Spanish people. Conversely, George Orwell’s illnesses were the main inspiration for his writings. Orwell is a famous author who gave gloomy stories, and most people assume that this was because he was infertile and suffered from Tuberculosis.

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