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13 Day Siege “The Alamo”. History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


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The 13 Day Siege of the Alamo
The Texas war against the foreign rule and invasion of the Mexicans in the year 1836 accounts for one of the most recognized struggles for independence in the United States history. The struggle for independence for the United States of America is without a doubt a historic event held closely by its people that documents heroic acts of valor by various individuals and communities across the nation. However, history and to a large extent the inhabitants of the state of Texas single out the 13-day siege of the of the Alamo by the Mexicans in what remains to be one of the key platforms upon which the state’s and the nation’s spirit of patriotism portrays itself. As the renowned title suggests, it took the Mexican forces 13 days to overcome the Texan defense of the fort at the Alamo in the face of a resilient force of the American soldiers and civilian volunteers. A comprehensive understanding of the 13-day siege of the Alamo raises some questions regarding the reasons leading to the gruesome battle, accounts of its occurrence, and its consequences or impacts on both the state of Texas and the nation. In essence, what were the factors leading to the Mexican claim over the Texan territory? What makes the military action of the battle so significant in the American history? Last but not least, what was the significance of the siege to the future of Texas and the United States as a whole? The defeat of the American rebellion at Alamo, however, cannot outweigh the significance of its impact in shaping both the state and the nation’s stance against oppression on a patriotic front.

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