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Research Paper #4 History Research Paper Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


The artwork I choose is Cypresses from Van Gogh. The photograph I made is in file 5.3. The prompt and Rubric for this assignment are in file 5.1 and 5.2. Please read those carefully.


Prompt for Art in Quarantine Project.
1. Select one work of art that speaks to you.
2. After carefully examining the artwork, you are now instructed to find common household objects, clothes costumes, drapery, etc. that mimic the visual qualities of shape and design in the artwork. Feel free to use peopled perts if available.
3. You are then to construct the visual narrative of this artwork by assembling the objects together in a creative way that conveys the Artist’s original intent.
4. Once you have made the arrangements with object, pets or people, You will need to photograph this scene. You could use just a camera phone. Please pay special attention to the lighting and composition.
5. After you have photographed your set up, you are then to write a 3 page paper describing the meaning, interpretation and analysis of the artwork you have chosen. Make sure to construct a thesis to this image. Does it relate to the social, religious or political concerns of that time? Does the image provoke a narrative about our current situation of living in quarantine?


Art in Quarantine Research Paper #4 RubricsOption 1: Research Essay Grading Criteria Maximum Score 100 points Your Score:
The paper is 3 pages, double-spaced pages and answers the prompt directly.
15 points
The paper is clearly written and free of mechanical errors; it has a clear introduction, conclusion; body paragraphs directly support the thesis of the paper, cites them in-text in MLA format when appropriate, and includes an MLA formatted Works Cited.
20 points
Students also explained what social, political, or religious meaning they created by making this interpretation in the artwork.
15 points
The student’s artwork interpretation demonstrates a clear and convincing connection to the chosen art movement.The student includes their own interpretations and opinions.
20 points
Student assembled a convincing artwork interpretation through the use of household items. Student effectively used color, shape and composition when creating their artwork interpretation 30 pointsTOTAL



The Art in Quarantine - Van Gogh’s Painting of Cypresses in 1889
The Cypresses appear many of the paintings by Van Gogh, who painted nature in the peak of its splendor. The artist was impressed by impressionists and adopted impasto as his painting skill. This paper drives at meaning, interpretations and analysis of one illustration of art by Van Gogh in which he painted cypresses in the evening, how this painting has social and religious appeal and how this is connected to our current situation of living in quarantine.
Meaning, Interpretations and Analysis
The painting with a host of curved lines in different intense colors presents one of the most archetypal in ideas among Van Gogh’s pieces of art. It is a blend of great bands that have covered the totality of space. The dark green, soaring, fleecy and swaying cypresses presents a contrast to other items in the painting like grass, swelling wave, olives and the colors of the sky. The height of the pair of the dark trees cuts down the light lucidity of the sky (Metzger and Walther 216). The full view is well-balanced and clear to convey the artist’s feelings.

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