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Strengths and Weaknesses of the Kid Film by Chaplin (Research Paper Sample)


this is a research paper about history of film. The film name is "The Kid"


Film History
According to Hughes-Warrington the history of films or movies can be traced back to 1870s with Edward Muybridge (2). Edward Muybridge was among the pioneers and he could be described as the father of the moving image. One of the movies that have been widely watched across the world in the last century is called the Kid. This film is a comedic-film drama that was written, directed, starred and was produced by the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin Featured Jackie Coogan, who acted as the adopted son and as a sidekick. It would be important to note that The Kid was the first full-length film by Chaplin as a director. Before the Kid, Charlie Chaplin had earlier co-star in the 1914's the Tillie's Punctuated Romance (Buhler, David and Rob, P.2).
Major Ideas Conveyed in the Kid Movie
Most of the people who have watched Chaplin's movies have always regarded the Kid as probably the most perfect of them all. There are many lessons or ideas that can be deduced from the film. One of the things or ideas that one can make out of the film is how cleverly Chaplin used the style of Irony in a humorous manner. For instance, no one would be surprised to see a kid cladding his or her mother's or father's clothes so as to play a dress-up. However, it is quite humorous and ironical for a full grown man or woman to be seen donning kid's clothes so as to play little girls. This was a very cunning idea at from whichever angle that one would look at it from. This idea could as well be described as a cute twist on the idea of a mistaken-identity gag that began with a homesick young lady; that is short of required cash, trying to drive back to Iowa by dressing herself like a kid. The major impact of the film is that it was humorous and it transforms the entire filming industry and revolutionized the entire industry (Pandolfi and Lucilla, P.330).
Strengths and Weaknesses of the Kid Film by Chaplin
Considering the period when the film was released, it would be only to say that it was successful. The Kid film can be best described as the masterful blending of Chaplin's natural comic genius, that he took several years on the stage and screen trying to perfect, and creatively brought out th

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