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The JFK Assassination Conspiracy (Research Paper Sample)


My thesis is US government officers planned the JFK assassination; Lee Harvey Oswald was just the scapegoat. (you can change the expression for thesis and the vocabs)
Essay starts from two aspects:
1. Why this assassination is considered as a scheme (why not assasinate Lee Harvey Oswald)? Why (proof)?
2. Who might planned this mission (please include Lyndon B. Johnson and herbert hoover,you can add 1-2 more suspects)。Why (What benefit they could get from this assasination?)
3. The end of paragraph, mention about recently if can Donald trump releases files about this assassination helps people to understand the truth, if yes, 2-3 sentences is enough.
Does not nessasary to use 20 sources, our teacher asked us to have two resources in each body paragraph, so please consider on situation, two sources for every body paragraph is enough. Every sources should be authority source. (not from wiki etc), and has to be diversify.






A Research Paper on the JFK Assassination Conspiracy


The assassination of President Kennedy happened during the occurrence of the Cold War which happened one year upon the happening of the Cuban Missile Crisis and it led the world into a nuclear calamity. It was also a time of crises in the civil rights movements wherein resistance from different States were taking place. Likewise, the brother of President Kennedy, named Robert fought the atrocities of organized crime since he was the Attorney General at such time. Cuba at such time had an official named Castro who acquired power during the Era of Eisenhower and plotted to assassinate President Kennedy while Vietnam was a dilemma at such time and brewing into a full-scale war (2018). These problems divided the country and the administration of Kennedy in terms of domestic and foreign policy. Furthermore, there were mob figures, the CIA, Pentagon officials, Exiles from Cuba who were all prime suspects to the murder of the Kennedy. In the subsequent paragraphs, the question of how a man named Lee Harvey Oswald became the killer of the assassinated president will be answered thoroughly, as well as another suspect named Lyndon is included in this research as to the determination of the assassination, which took place in America.

A. Description of the Assassination

On the year 1963, former John F. Kennedy was assassinated while on board the Presidential motorcade along the Dealey Plaza. About an hour after the shooting incident, Lee Harvey Oswald became the prime suspect and was immediately arrested and while being brought to the jail, he was also killed and fatally shot. This murder was televised on live news, later on another person named Ruby was arrested for killing Oswald. At first, investigation concluded that the assassination and killing of Oswald was a Lone plan however, in the course of investigation by the Committee formed to investigate, they stated that the assassination was a conspiracy and a planned scheme made by a number of individuals.

B. Why is it Considered that the Assassination is a Conspiracy

A task-force commission in America was created to research on the assassination of the President and looked into the summary of the events that preceded the assassination. “The Commission committed to solve this task and provide the most accurate conclusions based on proof and sure evidences. The Commission was allowed to work on all the strategies available for them to find the answers to all the queries with the assistance of government agencies and full cooperation of this task-force team” (National Archives). It was obvious that based on the investigation and research made by the task-force that this was a planned scheme to put an end in the life of John Kennedy. Firstly, the bullets were alleged to be coming from the “sixth floor window and corner of the Texas Depository. Witnesses stated they have seen flashes of the rifle being fired from said floor. Likewise, scene of the crime operatives discovered that “the bullets seen on the Governor’s stretcher at Parkland Memorial Hospital along with bullet fragments found at the Presidential limousine were fired from the 6.5- millimeter Mannlicher-Carcano rifle as opposed to all the other weapons” (National Archives). The weaponries and ammunition used and found at the crime site and near the assassination area have led into the conclusion that it was not a spur-of-the-moment attack but was made through a long-time of consistent planning and meticulous scheme to kill the President.

A. Why Lee Harvey Oswald was Considered as a Scapegoat and not the Actual Killer

It has been released during the investigation procedures that the bullets that took the li...

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