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Humanity: Mao Zedong's Impact On The West (Research Paper Sample)


I need a research paper about Mao Zedong's impact to the west. I have already written this paper. I will attach my paper for you. The problem is I use too much quotes in my paper, like mostly. I need those quotes to be written in own words. Can you help me rewrite this paper based on mine? I do not know if this should count as editing or writing a research paper. You can add more sources.


Mao's Impact on the West
Mao Zedong's legacy is obscured by his direct involvement in the Chinese Cultural Revolution. However, the late Mao is fondly remembered in the west due to the significant impact of his ideas on the Cold War (Ross 2005). His ideology had a great impact on the subterranean social, cultural and political transformation. Surprisingly, young Chinese lack adequate knowledge and understanding on the role of Mao Zedong in China's social and cultural transformation (Schram 2014). Their insufficient knowledge on Maoism has been occasioned by the fact that the Chinese government has banned the proliferation of Mao Zedong's ideas. Most importantly, Chinese citizens believe that Zedong's role in the Cultural Revolution was an error and hence he does not merit recognition as a revolutionary legend. Still, China is divided into two schools of thought on the role of Mao Zedong in the Cultural Revolution (Maoism 2016). One school of thought holds the view that Mao was a great Chinese revolutionist and hence regards him in high esteem. Ironically, this school of thought ignores the adverse impact of the Cultural Revolution and rather chooses to focus on its positive contributions.
Mao's proponents harbor fond memories of the ancient days of Maoism and even wish a return to this era while his critics vehemently deny that his teachings had any positive contribution on the Chinese society (Maoism 2016). This school of thought only focuses on the negative impacts of Maoism and overlooks its positive contributions. Nonetheless, unlike the Chinese society which is indifferent and divided on Maoism and its impact, the opposite is true in the West where Maoism is acknowledged and respected due to its immense contribution to the cold war revolution (Schram 2014). It's an undeniable fact that Maoism greatly influenced western politics. Mao's precepts and specifically his ideals such as his perspective on self-criticism, youth uprising as well as propagation and advancement of consciousness were well received in the west. In fact, these teachings had a more positive impact in the west as opposed to China itself (Ross 2005).
Despite the apparent Chinese lack of consensus on the role of Maoism, the factual truth is that it is impossible to cognize Chinese cultural and political transformation without making reference to the infamous Maoism Cultural Revolution (Schram 2014). Even several decades after Mao's death, Maoism is still not welcomed in China. This is evident from the fact that China still upholds a ban on independent Cultural Revolution research. According to the Chinese authorities, Maoism was a mistake and as such it does not need to be studied. This ban seems to have been purposely intended to cut off the chaotic Chinese past, thereby facilitating the populations focus on the future of China (Ross 2005). Perhaps this could have been triggered by the belief that permitting research into the Cultural Revolution could provoke a revolutionary awakening among the rural populace, and hence bring about a political transformation which could adversely impact the country's economic growth. Nevertheless, this ban seems to have succeeded in rallying the citizens towards economic reconstruction rather than focusing on the past. Nevertheless, the Cultural Revolution ban has had a negative psychological impact since sweeping the country's dark history under the carpet only serves to worsen an already bad situation as it impedes on the country's healing process (Maoism 2016).
China needs to confront her past in order to forge ahead as a united nation (Ross 2005). Thus the ban on the study of Cultural Revolution needs to be lifted to herald a new chapter in the country social, economic and political history. The Cult...

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