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The economic recovery of Japan after WWII and the A-Bomb, and how the United States aided in that recovery. (Research Paper Sample)


hi, I have attached my outline. You don't need to followed my outline exactly. You can add or change my idea. Please use the book "The Other Japan: Conflict, Compromise, and Resistance since 1945" as a necessary resource. And use at least 8 other resources.


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The Rebuilding of Japan
The Dropping of Atomic Bomb to two cities renders the possibility to build cities to start from scratch. At the same time, the assistance of the United States on both military and economics enabled Japan to carry out a broad range of social reforms and to focus on the advancement of technology and trade.
Nineteen forty-five, the month of August will always be commemorated as one of the most moving months in the story of humanity when atomic weapons were used in battle for the first and last time to date. Tragically, this mighty weaponry was directed at civilian targets. On August six, the "Enola Gay" released the bomb called the "Little Boy," and it drove up over the city of Hiroshima in Japan. The blast, which surprised the world, immediately killed nearly seventy thousand souls, and a similar amount again died later from radiation damage and injuries (MacMillan).
A-Bomb smash the old constructions on two cities, provide the Japanese government chance built the cities start from scratch without the thwart of citizens.

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