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Literary Devices and Symbolisms in Ernest Hemingways Big Two-Hearted River (Research Paper Sample)


The Research Project asks you to choose a topic that interests you, to investigate it through careful analysis of the text/s and some scholarly sources, and to make an interesting argument about that topic in conversation with the scholarship that you read. That argument may focus exclusively on the meaning of the text/s, or it may also provide commentary on some aspect of cultural history.
To carry out your task, you should first identify a broad topic of interest. Then you should work your way toward a question about that topic that you want to try to answer. This research question should then guide your entire investigation. The project must reference a minimum of 6 scholarly sources
the story is Big Two-Hearted River by Ernest Hemingway


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Literary Devices and Symbolisms in Ernest Hemingway's Big Two-Hearted River
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October 2, 2016
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Literary Devices in Ernest Hemmingway's Big-Two Hearted River
It is said that a writer's identity is very much reflected by the way he structures the words, contextualizes the story, and create meanings and impressions in the hearts of his readers. In order to create this emotional impact, many writers utilize different strategies, methods, and tools. In the case of Ernest Hemingway, these qualities were straightforwardness and simplicity. Being the author of the best known classical novels such as “A farewell to arms” and “The Old man and the Sea”, Hemingway won a Novel Prize and a Pulitzer Prize award (for The Old man and the Sea). Because of his unique way and descriptive way of writing that mostly appeals to the senses of the readers, that particular style was attributed to his name – Hemingway Writing Style. And, as for any other writers out there, it is believed that personal experiences can affect his writing style, in the case of Hemingway, many scholars believed that his occupation and experiences during the World War I paved the way for his technique that is much different from his contemporaries. However, the author of this paper believes that categorizing and describing his writing style into a single genre (Hemingway Writing style) is not enough. He believes that aside from his classical writing style, a more specific kind of “writer's signature” could be seen from the more specific literary devices that he employed in his novels. Thus, in this article, the author employed one of his famous literary work – Big Two-Hearted River – and gave much focus on the literary devices that could be seen on it. By doing this, the author believes that this article could also she light as to what makes Hemingway's novels “simple yet powerful”.[ Ernest Hemigway - Biography. 9 September 2014. Web. 2 November 2016]
Literary Devices
According to “An allusion is a figure of speech whereby the author refers to a subject matter such as a place, event, or literary work by way of a passing reference.” In other words, these are things which are not put into focus but are used as “side dish” to the main point that the author is trying to make. Allusions are very important because they make any piece of work “richer” by adding ‘embellishments' on the text. However, because of the fact that allusions are not a part of the main point of the author, interpreting these and making a connection is mainly up for the readers.[ Allusion. n.d. Web. 2 November 2016.] [Ibid]
In an article written by Stewart entitled “Christian Allusions in ‘Big Two-Hearted River'”, he expounded on the story of the Hopkins, a friend of Nick. Stewart said that a “ritual communion” is being shown in between a “departed friend and hero”. He furthered that the reason why this could be considered as a ritual communion is because that skills Hopkins – being a great coffee master and wood dweller before – is now being re-lived by Nick by living in the woods and in the swamp. Aside from this, it could also be seed that a section of the novel was mainly dedicated towards the attributing, praising, and even criticizing the works and life of Hopkins's. Such i...
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