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Africana Studies. Intervention in Africa History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


1) To what extent did external intervention in Africa impact opportunities for economic strength and independence? Do the nations that colonized Africa bear a responsibility to invest in development initiatives in African nations?
Compose an essay response of 750+ words OR develop and respond to above prompt. Your essay must offer and support a narrowly-focused argument related to the prompt that you select/develop. If you elect to generate your own prompt, your prompt must relate to the course material for that module. Your essay must incorporate textual support from at least TWO course resources for Module 2. While you are free to include additional sources, your essay should balance analysis and support.


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African Studies
Various historical phases have highlighted how blacks have been discriminated against. A whole lot of extensive study on racism both in the past and modern world have laid the issue at stake bare. Further, it has offered room for possible comparisons and what the present society can do better. Although the situation has relatively improved with the growth in civilization, Africans’ plight in the ensuing results is misunderstood. On a global scale, Africans have been deemed inferior at some point or another and thus, questions linger on whether their colonial masters’ contributions are sufficient towards their economic strength and independence.

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