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Vancouver Giving Junkies a "Fix" To Keep Them off The Street (Research Paper Sample)


This is a persuasive presentation on why it is NOT ethical that Vancouver is giving junkies a fix to keep them off the streets. This must not talk about any economic stand points of it as my partner is covering that part and our presentations cannot overlap. ***You need to show that you have understood what constitutes a clear, logical and interesting argument/persuasion.*** here is a website for you to read more about what Vancouver is doing to keep junkies off the street.
my paper MUST include 6 points and specifically specify each step as to why it is unethical for Vancouver to continue this practice such as: supports their habit, bad influence and makes it seem like being a junkie is ok etc. This paper should support the fact that it isn't ethical and should be persuasive. and please provide all website references.


  • Critical Assessment of the Recruitment

Crisis Helping Hands ED Verna, as the recruitment officer, fails in the recruitment process mainly because of two reasons. First, continuous posting of vacancies even when there is no vacancy. This affects the current employee’s commitment as they feel they do not have long-term jobs. Secondly, Verna conditions her most trusted employee, Willy, to be unethical. This is because she does not accept negations for any participant by Will who supposedly follows up on the participant’s integrity (Frequently Used Pre Employment Testing).

CHH could use these four methods to improve on their recruitment exercise: Personality test, to determine an employee’s suitability. Skills assessment – this is to test if the recruit has the necessary skills for job requirement. Aptitude test – this is to determine if the employee can perform the job successfully and lastly, integrity test – this tests the employee’s trustworthiness and attitudes towards unwanted work behavior.

  • Hiring Financial manager at CHH

Job description for the post is to manage budgets, keep abreast of financial changes in financial regulation and legislation and provide and interpret financial information.

Minimum qualification for the post is a graduate or ACCA certified. Work experience is necessary (Financial manager: Entry requirements.).

Job advertisement will be done on non-profit organization’s websites since the participants are well acquainted on the requirements. They will also be posted in public libraries.

A set of six financial questions will be presented first by Verna as the recruitment manager and then closed by Bill. Bill is chosen for the position for the role of a human resource officer (Frequently Used Pre Employment Testing).

Aptitude and integrity will be a subject of screening the participant to determine their suitability towards the organization’s goals. The aptitude test will also help to shortlist the participants in the event of a big number of qualified participants (Sample Finance Interview Questions).

Lenore following the report after the interview by Verna and Bill will complete reference check.


Vancouver Giving Junkies a "Fix" To Keep Them off The Street
Author's Name
University Affiliation
Vancouver Giving Junkies a "Fix" To Keep Them off The Street
Important Points
* Drug abuse is a global challenge
* With the many adverse consequences of drug abuse, such as deaths, incompetence and many others, governments across the world, have implemented strategic measures to manage the situation.
* Among the measures is the use of the legal system to convict drug peddlers, therapies and counseling for drug addicts, and the use of rehabilitation centers.
* However, other governments, for example, Vancouver, have used prescription heroin, cocaine and ecstasy, which they refer to as a "Fix" in an effort to manage drug abuse (Keller, 2014).
* Prescription of these drugs in the management of dependence on the drugs is a controversial management or treatment strategy, which has aroused diverse feelings across the world (Lupick, 2014).
Reasons for Against
* Certainly, there is a perception that the move will help in managing dependence on heroin and other hard drugs; however, I feel that, prescription heroin, cocaine and other drugs will only consolidate drug dependence and subsequent drug abuse.
* An important concern I raise in the issue of Vancouver, is central to the initial state of the people enrolled in the program. In that, they were addicted due to their use of heroin, and the addiction could have impaired their competency (Farell, 1998).
* As such, they could not make informed decisions on whether to take part in the research or trial. Therefore, the objective or rather the use of heroin to manage their addiction probably motivated them due to the...
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