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Fresh food and processed food: Which one is healthier ? (Research Paper Sample)


topic: Fresh food and processed food: which one is healthier for human? I. Statement: Fresh raw food is healthier for human II. Nutritional Value A. Fresh foods: maintain lots of ingredients that can help human body B. processed foods: with some artificial ingredients, some hurt human body, some help. III.How human body respond to fresh food and processed food? A. Diseases B. Body care IV. Advantages and disadvantages on both fresh food and processed food A. fresh food B. processed food V. Restate and conclusion: Fresh food is healthier than processed food Hello, I would like to provide some sources (the following link and document ) into my research paper. my Order number - 00029391. 1. Charles Wilson, Eric Schlosser. Chew On This: Everything You Don’t Want to Know About Fast Food. http://www(dot)amazon(dot)com/Chew-On-This-Everything-About/dp/0618593942

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Food is among the most important components of life and health. The food one consumes determines the state and nature of his/her body. Eating a lot of food and the consumption of unhealthy food is at its very best not important for the body. Today, people prefer processed food as they feel it is cheaper and easier to prepare, therefore, cuts costs and saves on time. However, there are many negative health consequences associated with such foods hence the need to consume fresh foods. This paper, therefore, provides a comparison between fresh and processed foods and their effects o the body so as to establish the benefits of fresh foods.
Per Weinstein and Scarborough, "The pathway to hell is covered with fake food." Over the years, life has become fast, and people have substituted ripe raw vegetables for the canned ones, replaced the sweet/tart orange juice with the pasteurized concentrates and neglected real deserts for super sweet snacks. These have left us overfed but utterly disappointed (Weinstein and Scarbrough X). By leaving these over processed foods and relishing the type of food one eats one feels better, loses weight, and most importantly gets full satisfaction. The negative health consequences associated with processed foods are often unseen for a long period, and when they become symptomatic, the symptoms are often life threatening. This indicates the need to consume fresh foods as they are healthier than the processed foods.
Nutritional Value
Fresh foods (natural foods) retain most of their ingredients that are beneficial to the human body and therefore are have higher nutritional values compared to processed foods. Classical and recent literature has revealed the nutritional value of fresh foods. Fresh foods have not been processed in any away apart from washing, cooking, and the simple kitchen preparations. This does not deplete the nutrition content of food. Processed ...
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