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The Effects of Different Dietary Practices (Research Paper Sample)


Hello dear sir or madam First of all I want to clarify that it\'s my first year as international student in US university, and I\'m taking English class which is Writing seminar, so I would like you to make this research simple and easy to understand. I don\'t want my professor to doubt that someone did this assignment for me. In fact, I do have research paper that I have to submit it by this Thursday and I would like you to do it for me. The topic of my research paper is to compare the effects of different dietary practices (e.g. being a vegetarian) the two most common practices are vegetarians and meat-eaters. Vegetarians refrain from eating meat while meat-eaters prefer the consumption of meat. I want you in this research to find the differences between these two practices in regards to their affects on the practitioner’s financials, health, self-confidence, and also the differences in each practices overall affect on the environment. My position in this research is to show how vegetarians is better than meat eaters in financial, health and self-confidence, and affect into environment. by giving some proofs and evidences from articles in the internet. Also please, I don\'t want you to write in this research that I\'m against the meat eaters, I just want you to proof that by the facts you are going to get from the articles that introduce how vegetarians is better. Also, there is an important thing that I would like you to perform in this research which is to \"coming to term\" which mean to analyze the article that you\'re going to use in this research in order to better understand. In other word, what I mean by analyze the article is to identify the aims/purposes of author(s), the methods used to achieve those aims, and the uses and limits of those ideas by showing what the author miss or what the author need to add in this article. I will attach an example of \"coming to term\"; it might help you. Also, this is my professor\'s instruction: The purpose of this essay is to practice the ever-important technique of acknowledging the ideas of another author, while separating yourself from those ideas. 1) describes a line of reasoning that you have recently encountered with which you disagree or with; 2) using the technique of “coming to terms”, identify and discuss the aims/purposes of author(s), the methods used to achieve those aims, the concepts and keywords used, and the uses and limits of those ideas. (2-3 relevant sources at minimum, 4-6 page essay). Here are some sources that might help you. In addition, you definitely could use your own, but I want you to use an articles from the internet, so I could read them. http://www(dot)vegetariantimes(dot)com/article/why-go-veg-learn-about-becoming-a-vegetarian/ http://homeguides(dot)sfgate(dot)com/side-effects-becoming-vegetarian-79628.html If there are any questions please let me know by an email and I\'ll try to response very quick. Thank You, and Good Luck. From admin: this is a revision that the original writer was late with. Here are the main cincerns with the paper attached: "Hello dear sir or madam For the thirds time I asked you to use an article from the internet that I allowed to read them in order to cite an information in my research paper in contrast you didn't listen for what I asked you. I was almost to received an F because my professor asked me from where I got this information and citation and I told her I brought them from the internet and she told me you lie to me those info are from the book that you pay for in order to gain the information. She almost caught me that I didn't do this assignment, unless I asked her to give me a chance to repeat doing this assignment. You have used this website to cite the work where I'm not allowed to read them because I have to get the book: Conrad, P. (1994). Wellness as virtue: Morality and the pursuit of health. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry. 18(3): 385-401 Cowburn, G., Hillsdon, M. & Hankey, C. R. (1997). Obesity management by life-style strategies. Br Med Bull. 53 (2): 389-408. Retrieved on November 13, 2013 from http://bmb(dot)oxfordjournals(dot)org/content/53/2/389.short Sacks, F. M. et al. (2009). Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets with Different Compositions of Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates. N Engl J Med. 360:859-873. Retrieved on November 13, 2013, http://www(dot)nejm(dot)org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmoa0804748 ***********where I want you to use regular article where I'm allowed to go and read them: like these!!! Chris F (2002), Effects of vegetarian diets on performance in strength sports, http://www(dot)sportsci(dot)org/jour/0201/cf-e.htm Vegetarian times (2013), why go veg? http://www(dot)vegetariantimes(dot)com/article/why-go-veg-learn-about-becoming-a-vegetarian/ please do it for me as soon as you can by using an article from the internet as I mention up."

Effects of Different Dietary Practices
Across different countries, people adopt various dietary practices. The two common dietary practices include vegetarian and meat-eaters. Being a vegetarian means that a person consumes only vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, grains, and nuts. Vegetarians also consume dairy products and eggs, but they avoid all other hidden animal products such as gelatin, chicken stocks and beef. On the other hand, Meat-eaters consume various animal products. According to the already conducted research on these two dietary practices, it has been revealed that vegetarian foods are a major source of nutrition needed for a good health. This paper explores the differences between these two dietary practices.
According to different medical studies, vegetarians have a lower probability of developing various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure. This has been attributed to the fact that healthy vegetarian diet has high fiber, and low fat. Animal products contain highly saturated fats, which lead to increased level of cholesterol content in the body, increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Moreover, meat-eaters not only take in animal fats, but also various waste products such as the drugs injected to the animals. As a result, the amount of toxins the body can increase risking one's life (NHLBI 1).
Going vegetarian can help save the environment from pollution, global warming, rainforest destruction, and preservation of water sources. Research has revealed that livestock farming produces high amounts of green house gases, which contribute to global warming. It also leads to deforestation, as hundreds of acres are cleared to pave way for the creation of ranches. Moreover, production of a kilo of beef consumes a lot of water than the same quantity of vegetables or grains. Currently, different water organisms dying on daily basis because of the chemicals released into the water systems from different livestock farms. Thus, it is advisable to consume more plant products and less animal products in order to conserve our environment (Vegetarian society 1).
Nowadays, cases of obesity are prevalent among children in various societies' especially urbanized areas of developing countries. Obesity increases the chances of developing diseases, risking a child's life. However, medical studies advocate that vegetarian diets can reduce obesity among children. This is because plant products contribute fewer calories in the body as compared to animal products. Plant products are also a rich source of fiber, which assists in the digestion of fats in the body. Therefore, obese children can reduce weight without straining a lot by adopting vegetarian diets (NHLBI 1).
Religion has always been a main reason why people do or avoid some things. Some of the world's common religions include Hinduism, Muslim, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity. Many o...
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