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Effects of Cocaine on the Health (Research Paper Sample)


write an informative research paper on the "Effects of cocaine on the health, mental power, and relationships of users"
For this paper, three quotations are required:
Two quotations, each one word to two lines long.
One quotation that is 4-5 lines long (it is set off from the rest of the text)
NO MORE THEN 3 citations From three different sources.
My paper is 1,000 of my own words, not counting the quotations, the works cited page, the title and subtitles, and the personal information

Effects of cocaine on the health, mental power, and relationships of users
Since time in memorial, man has continuously discovered the use of different plants as food, medicines and other uses depending on their contents. Within this discovery some plants such as coca have been found to contain extracts that have stimulating effects making those who use its extracts experience a period of heightened mental and physical stimulation as it affects the level of dopamine released in the Central Nervous system (Hendricks and Wilson 2). Those who use it seek to experience pleasure as the high level of dopamine in the brain may lead to one have heighted level of senses. Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of coca plant which originated from parts of South America. Even today, countries such as Peru, Mexico and Bolivia are among the leading producers of Cocaine (National Institute of Drug Abuse). According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, cocaine causes physical, mental and biological effects which can negatively affect the health and social life of the users. Due to its association with the most affluent in the society, and high rate of control by the authorities, cocaine is one of the expensive narcotics. In the market, cocaine exists in powder and crystalline forms. The powder form is normally inhaled through the nose or administered through the bloodstream by dissolving in water and then injecting it into a visible blood vessel. On the other hand, the crystalline form also referred to as crack cocaine is heated and smoked as vapor. The addictive nature of cocaine emanates from the urge to sustain period of “high” senses which may lead to negative consequences. This paper looks at the effects of cocaine on health, mental power and relationships of users.
Effects on health
Following the high, the truth of cocaine suddenly emerges. Cocaine portrays disastrous impacts on the emotional, brain and heart functions of an individual. Addiction becomes a common norm with most users of the drug. Further, the long term effects display life threatening outcomes. For the occasional user of cocaine, the uncertainty of sudden death becomes a probable occurrence. The brain becomes the most significant part of the body that is largely affected by the use o9f cocaine ( The powerful high associated with the drug follows through other parts, and resultantly, to the whole body. The blood transmits cocaine throughout the body, bringing about the numerous physiological impacts.
Young adults stand at a great risk of attaining such levels of strokes. The heart is negatively affected by cocaine; the blood pressure level is accelerated, while the heart beat rate becomes increased. The arteries transmitting blood towards the heart constrict, leading to events of heart attack. Arrhythmia arises as a heart condition, which manifests with a dangerous and abnormal rhythm of the heart beat. The respiratory system, including the nose and lungs become largely affected by cocaine use. The situation is common where individuals snort the cocaine powder ( Here, the nose and sinuses become damaged, with constant use leading to the perforation of the nasal passage. For some individuals, the effect is translates to a permanent damage of the lungs. The gut is another part of consideration that becomes affected through the constriction of the blood vessels transmitting bold to the gastrointestinal tract (
Effects on mental power
In order for the brain to function properly, there should be an efficient communication between the terminals ...
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