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Analysis of HellBlade Creative Writing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


I will upload requirement for you. Also, I already have one secondary source to use. In the requirement file, I have my previous homework with instructors' comments. You better to see it. I will email you more detail later may be tomorrow because I am waiting for a instruction file for writing format. Secondary source from is better and it need to be academic resource without psychology/science journal. Thank you so much. And it is a writing class instead of psychology/game class, the main point we focus on are rhetoric thinking and critical analysis.
you can watch the game playing experience on YouTube. The length is about 7-8 hours video which contain all the things happened in the game. Thank you so much.


The research paper is a longer (8-10 pages) analytical assignment that will ask students to analyze one game we have examined in class and produce a sustained analytical argument of that game while implementing at least 3 secondary sources. This assignment will be completed in stages so that students will have the opportunity to receive plenty of feedback before the final draft is due.

●     Proposal (5%): In this assignment (250-500 words), students are asked to state their interests for the Final Paper. Students must identify both the specific game they are interested in analyzing as well as the broader research interests that emerged from their experience with the game. This assignment is designed for students to receive feedback early in the process.

●     Annotated Bibliography (5%): For this assignment students will find three scholarly sources using the research methods discussed in class. Each source should be numerated and included as an MLA citation. Under each citation students will provide two paragraphs: one summarizing the argument or method the source makes/ uses; and, one paragraph where students must briefly explain how this source applies to their Final Paper.

●     Rough Draft (10%): This draft of the paper must be 6 pages, include a working thesis statement, and at least one secondary source. The paper may be as “rough” as the student wants, but the more complete the draft the more thorough my feedback will be. This is graded for completion. 

●     Final Draft (20%): This completed paper must be at least 8 pages and will ask students to analyze one game while implementing at least 3 scholarly secondary sources. In this paper the student may write about texts used in previous papers but the argument must be unique. Final Drafts should show signs of revision and must be properly formatted.


Paper Proposal

  The Final project I would like to focus on is HellBlade . It is a most interesting game for me in this class I have ever played. But I am regret that I did not write the journal of Hellblade because I did not purchase it at that time.

 How could Hellblade get so many awards?

 Hellbalde is a third-person action game, combined with game story which have already set up by game developer and story with player. Game developers tried to make a nervous atmosphere to player and fully with suspenseful. How could Hellblade get so many awards? It is not only because of its game quantity, but also it is not a just a normal game which developed for benefit. Game design teams focus on the depiction of psychosis of Senua and more over conclude the inclusion of psychosis. My experience with this game is perfect unique. As I mentioned in the first class, I am not a emotional person while playing the game, even with PUBG when some one shot me when I did not notice. This game give me a special feeling, scared, nervous and hope at every stage of Hellblade.

●            The one secondary source I will use is “Hellblade’s Fenrir Encounter belongs in the pantheon of great boss fight” published by Ethan Gach on Kotaku. This article mainly talked about the action, dark and light of dichotomy, game’s combat, difficulty and the atmosphere of the game[N1] .




Here is request of draft, it only need to have one source. But we need to use three sources to finish the paper. The requirement is same as this one. I have one source for you and could you please find other two for me. No science/psychology journal.

Rough Draft Prompt

            The Rough Draft is a minimum of 6 double-spaced pages that must demonstrate growth from the previous assignments (Paper Proposal and Annotated Bibliography). You must include a strong thesis statement that makes an argument about a single game. You need to integrate and possibly respond to one scholarly secondary source. Finally, you must provide analysis/ evidence that supports your argument (you may find it helpful to return to your notes and/or make reference to The Academic Writer). Additionally, you should strive to make a “coherent” paper—each paragraph should contribute to or further develop your argument.


Other things to consider:

Proper Formatting (Pudue OWL)

Close Attention to Sentences



One secondary source I found:

Dunlap, K. N. “Representation of mental illness in video games” . In Proceedings of the 2018 Connected Learning Summit 2018 (pp. 77–86).


It is an article which talked about the mental illness in video games. This thesis is definitely a main part of my final project. This article focuses on a new framework to deal with the problem of previous research about this topic since there is no framework to help divide and classify the many game-based representation of psychosis.

I will use this source to engage the connections between game and mental illness[N2] .


 [N1]Hellblade is definitely a game worth writing about. Rather than thinking only about why the game won awards, I would encourage you to explore the emotional responses you had to the game. How does the game use a variety of emotions to develop themes? What do these themes tell us about mental health? What are the consequences of this game’s representation of pyschosis.


Also, you must find a scholarly secondary source. The Kotaku article may be helpful for generating ideas, but ultimately you are required to use scholarly sources.

 [N2]This looks like an interesting and possibly valuable source for you. It is scholarly, so you can use it, but you should be more specific in your summary and saying how you will use it.


Thesis Worksheet

Old Advice: Rather than throw out what you’ve been told previously, I think this can be reworked to better serve our purposes and your writing. There are a few reasons this format will not serve you well for the longer, more nuanced thinking, writing, and composing that this class requires. This is EXCITING—we’re growing as writers! YAY!

5 paragraph essay! ☹:  The 5 paragraph essay was mentioned as something almost everyone had been taught. It is a useful organizing principle for short papers and preliminary analyses that only seek to list a few salient features of your primary source and analyze them for their significance just below the surface. You may find this useful for starting your thinking—but this, in no way, should be the end point of your thinking. In part, it is too rigid. It does not allow you the argumentative freedom you may need to address caveats and nuances that arise from your arguments. Do not let old forms limit your intellectual growth—let’s break past it and find a new form!

Thesis should make three claimsList of what you’ll get to later. Again, not horrible advice for a starting point. Considering multiple features from a primary source that contribute to your main point is good. Additionally, having these features laid out in your introduction can alert your reader to what you will get to later. Unfortunately, this relies to heavily on listing as beginning and end point for the paper. Instead of organizing your paper only around details in the text, you should organize it around the central claims you are going to make. Ultimately, these claims should build to your central, more sophisticated claim: the thesis.

Example of list thesis/ 5 paragraph:

Papers, Please uses poor graphics, 8-bit sound, and drab colors to represent communism/ authoritarianism.

SO WHAT?! Don’t just ask the question—ANSWER IT! This isn’t much of a thesis because it is almost immediately perceived by anyone that plays the game. Instead, you should strive to explain the significance of the game’s use of Authoritarian themes (Why use authoritarianism as the context for a game about border patrol, especially for a (largely) western audience? How does this commentary work in the context of U.S. politics?—answering questions like this and taking a clear stance on these issues would require you to defend your position and would ultimately lead to a more compelling argument. Remember, if it is an argument, people can (and likely WILL) disagree with you! Your job is to defend your position the best you can. In doing so, you will hopefully convince them to adopt your position and/or build upon it.)


New Thesis Advice—Moving beyond the 5 paragraph essay:

Outline major claim in sentence or two (direction for entire paper!! :D)

Needs to be an argument—can someone disagree with you?

Balance between broad and specific. How to be specific—LOOK AT THE PRIMARY SOURCE! When in doubt, return to your Primary Source and look for details that support or complicate your argument. Once you have a working thesis, you should revisit the primary source with your claims in mind, combing through the details to test your hypothesis. In doing so, make note of evidence that further supports your claim. Should you encounter contradictions, you may need to adjust your initial hypothesis to reflect the new evidence. This isn’t a perfect science—but it is more of a science than you may have previously thought!

Why is this significant? Thesis statements should strive to explain the significance of the details you cite. In many ways, this is just a different way of saying “So, what?”. Make an argument about why the details are significant—why should we care about these details? What does it tell us about the primary source? What does it tell us about video games more generally?

Example of a more nuanced thesis/ introduction:

The creators of Papers, Please used old style graphics, drab colors, and increasingly difficult puzzles to create a negative experience for the gamer. The frustration that stems from these features encourages audiences to empathize with the work of a border agent—including the ethical dilemmas they face and the consequences their choices have on the people they encounter. Ultimately, this is reductive to the experience of border control agents and does not properly represent the constraints on their choices forced on them by the authoritarian government. In this way, Papers, Please misplaces the player’s empathy on the individual, thus undermining the important critique of governmental powers that manipulate individuals to enact their decidedly unethical policies and agendas.

This example builds up a set of claims that stem from details of the game. Rather than thinking about your thesis as the ONLY claim in your introduction, this example previews the set of claims you are required to prove in order to arrive at your thesis: that this game misplaces empathy and undermines the important criticism of the effect institutional power has on individuals. This, of course, is quite complex, but it demonstrates a strong link between the game itself and lesson in the game that pertains to the real world. I’ve adjusted this some, but we arrived at this more complex thesis by repeatedly asking and answering “so, what?” or “What’s the significance of this?”. When looking at this, consider how much unpacking this requires of you. It may not be immediately clear to you what this argument is about—fortunately, you have ten-pages to clarify what this means by using more concrete evidence taken from the primary source.  


A formula:

Creators (Implied Authors) did x-thing (text) to generate y-experience. Y is important because z. Having established Z, (A) requires rethinking (response to secondary source).

Formulas can be a great thing, but they can be unnecessarily restrictive to your thinking. I encourage you to use this (if it works for you), but there are other ways to form a thesis. Specifically, asking and answering the “So, what” question can help. Striving to make an argument about the significance of the details and themes you see operating in a game is also helpful.

The Body:

Every paragraph needs a claim (often in the first sentence). Start your paragraph with the claim you want to prove. From here, you can clarify and prove your claim by bringing in your secondary source and evidence from the text. Bear in mind, you want your claims to be the driving force of the essay.   


Chenzi Hu
Instructor Richards
English 2367.08
21st November 2019
Empathy inHellblade
Technological advancement has led to the invention of several ideas on the postmodern page of history that we live in today. The inventions have cut across several industries from health, education, and entertainment, among others. The inventions discovered due to technological advancements in the entertainment scene have so far led to the invention of digital games. Since the invention of digital games, several organizations have developed different games. However, most of the games developed in the recent past have failed to highlight the theme of mental illness substantially. Better still, the few that have managed to bring out the plight of mental illness have widely portrayed mentally ill characters as antagonists within the plotting of the games. To break this notion, developers of the Hellbladegame decided to take a different angle from which the plight of mentally ill people is represented from a different perspective. The game Hellbladepresents the difficulty that mentally ill people experience in the contemporary world through Senua in different ways. Either way, the representation of mental illness has strengthened and weakened the relationship between mentally ill characters and players. This paper shall highlight how the portrayal of mental illness inflicts fear on the players resulting in a show of empathy towards the character. Additionally, the article will also highlight how the player is influenced to empathize with Senua by experiencing her fear while playing.

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